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Latest press releases

Travel & Transportation Belgium, Brussels - 16 December 2013

Future of Urban Mobility ranking shows most cities are still badly equipped for tomorrow’s mobility challenges and identifies strategic recommendations

The new version of the ‘Future of Urban Mobility’ study includes an update of Arthur D. Little’s Urban Mobility Index, assessing the world’s cities in terms of mobility maturity and performance and together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) identifies strategic directions and recommendations  for cities to better shape their future. [...]

Sweden, Stockholm - 16 December 2013

Innovation Leader of the year 2013

The world is currently entering a new era in which companies, nations, and continents must reinvent themselves. Intense competition, shorter product lifecycles and the continuing aftermath of a global economic crisis means it is more essential than ever to constantly change in order to survive. Against this backdrop, individuals who constantly push innovation and transformation to reach growth are highly in demand. With the new “Innovation Leader of the Year” award a jury of Swedish experts and executives recognizes young individuals who show the potential to become such leaders. This year the prize was awarded to Yingzhi Zhu Ryberg (31), a PhD Student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). [...]

Healthcare UK, London - 05 September 2013

Arthur D. Little study reveals the Future of Medtech requires a well-designed Innovation Management System

High performance innovation system generates significant profits

Healthcare providers are under pressure to deliver improved medical outcomes while consuming fewer resources. Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) recent global Innovation Excellence study demonstrates that a high performance innovation system generates significant and quantifiable effects on profitability and accelerated time to market for new product development. In its latest viewpoint, ‘The Future of Medtech,’ ADL outlines the future of the medtech industry and its opportunities, as well as how to address future challenges through the implementation of a well-designed Innovation Management System. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 06 August 2013

Arthur D. Little identifies strategies for excellence in the Premium Automotive Segment

Six Key Levers to eliminate weak spots and achieve excellence

Competition between premium OEM’s will become fierce and put market shares at risk in the run up to 2020, according to management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s new viewpoint, Battle for Sales in the Premium segment. With all three German vehicle manufacturers aiming to become the market leader, it identifies six main levers of strategic and operational excellence to help premium brand OEMs adjust their marketing and sales models to meet tomorrow’s customer requirements. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, Munich - 04 June 2013

Arthur D. Little: E&P companies need to improve technology strategies and strengthen technology management processes to increase business performance

Mid-sized E&P companies can achieve better business performance through improved technology practices and stronger technology management processes, according to Arthur D. Little’s latest viewpoint “Technology Applications in Mid-Sized Oil and Gas Companies.” The assessment reviews a group of mid-sized E&P companies and finds that those with a more proactive approach to the adoption of technology deliver a better business performance. [...]

TIME UAE, Dubai - 30 May 2013

Arthur D. Little: Decisive National Fiber strategies needed to boost future economic growth

The telecom industry, governments and regulators need to move decisively to fiber in order to support future economic growth, states Arthur D. Little (ADL) in its new report, “National Fiber Strategies: National economic imperative or just another private industry task?[...]

TIME UK, London - 30 May 2013

Arthur D. Little: Failures in telecom policy and regulation could hamper economic growth in Europe

The telecom industry, governments and regulators need to move decisively to fiber in order to support future economic growth, states Arthur D. Little in its new report, “National Fiber Strategies: National economic imperative or just another private industry task?[...]

Healthcare UK, London - 21 May 2013

Arthur D. Little Creates Strategy for Healthcare Launch Excellence

Launch excellence can shorten time-to-market and deliver additional sales

After years of low productivity, R&D in leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies is starting to deliver on its promises; the number of New Molecular Entities (NMEs) approved by the US FDA has leveled out and biotech companies’ share prices are rising, indicating profitable business models. Now is the time for launch. Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) latest viewpoint, ‘Launch Excellence for New Medicines,’ assesses the key success factors for the successful launch of new medicines. [...]

TIME UK, London - 16 April 2013

Arthur D. Little and Exane BNP Paribas: 4G LTE is a must-have but won’t be enough to restore pricing power in European mobile industry

Telecoms industry faces revenue decline of -1.8% through to 2016

Moving to 4G LTE is a no-brainer for European telecoms operators but is unlikely to restore better pricing conditions in the European mobile industry. This is the key finding of 4G – going faster, but where?, the 12th edition of the joint annual telecoms report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) and equity broker Exane BNP Paribas. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 26 February 2013

Arthur D. Little: Good Innovation Management Increases Profitability by 13%

Despite worsening performance, companies increasingly satisfied

Innovation performance is now significantly worse than three years ago, yet top innovators still regularly achieve up to 13% points more EBIT than average performers. These are key findings from management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) 8th Global Innovation Excellence Study, a cross-industry survey of trends and best practice in innovation management. [...]

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