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Healthcare UK, London - 31 August 2017

High hopes for funding low-priority drug trials

It’s no secret that big pharma invests billions in R&D each year, despite recent headlines bemoaning the cuts companies have made to their research budgets in recent years. This investment in exploratory-stage compounds has resulted in a robust pipeline of promising new therapies across a number of disease areas, which could save and improve millions of lives the world over. However, how many of these potential new drugs are being shelved indefinitely because of a lack of resources to fund costly and time-intensive clinical trials? In this article, Ben van der Schaaf at Arthur D. Little, discusses that although not every pipeline drug can get blockbuster funding, there are ways to breathe new life into neglected products. [...]

Automotive, Travel & Transportation France, Paris - 31 August 2017

Shaping the Strategies

The Middle East has been late to urbanization, but this has given it potential to shape its strategies in the development of a core need - urban mobility. Some of its vibrantly growing urban centers, such as Dubai, are now building on best practice from around the world. This experience provides lessons, good and bad, for other cities across the world as they struggle to meet their own urban mobility challenges. In this article, Ralf Baron, Thomas Kuruvilla, Morsi Berguiga, Michael Zintel, Joseph Salem and Mario Kerbage at Arthur D. Little, discuss the Middle East and urban mobility. [...]

France, Paris - 31 August 2017

Breakthrough innovation is all about agile but do not forget the role of the people

Business executives have always been under pressure to generate growth, and today’s fast-moving and competitive business environment does not make that any easier. Arthur D. Little’s eighth Innovation Excellence Survey revealed that leading companies expect their share of revenue from breakthrough, as opposed to incremental, innovation to double over the next five years. However, achieving breakthroughs is easier said than done: the survey also found that 88% of business leaders were dissatisfied with their breakthrough innovation performances. They have become increasingly frustrated with the limitations of their current innovation systems on producing significant results.  In this article, Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad and Chandler Hatton at Arthur D. Little, discuss why it’s time to embrace the agile approach. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 30 August 2017

Product development team structure: identifying the unmet needs of B2B customers

In our Global Innovation Excellence survey, “Identifying customers’ unmet needs” was identified as one of the most important factors for innovation success, with the best practitioners outperforming others by over 20%. However, finding the best way to organize and manage customer interaction is anything but simple, especially when the product is technically complex. For example, often the marketing or sales functions “own” the customer relationship, but are they the best people to uncover highly technical customer needs? In this article, Chandler Hatton, Michael Kolk, Martijn Eikelenboom and Mitch Beaumont at Arthur D. Little, review the highlights from the analysis and offer some guidance to help companies organize their customer-needs intelligence teams. [...]

Healthcare UK, London - 30 August 2017

A model fund

Today’s clinical trial costs can cost biopharma companies upwards of $100mn  before they even begin to consider additional investment in the marketing and distribution mechanisms that will deliver new life enhancing therapies to patients. For those major drug companies that spent the last decade building a robust pipeline of early stage compounds and indications, these sky-high development costs mean they have a wide portfolio of potential assets without the resources to get them through trial phase. The result? Pharmaceutical businesses with strong R&D pipelines are losing billions each year in potential revenue while promising new therapies sit dormant, waiting for their patents to expire. In this article, Ben van der Schaaf at Arthur D. Little, gives a five-step guide to explore possible funding partnerships for lower-priority drug trials — a new model for big pharma. [...]

Travel & Transportation UK, London - 27 August 2017

Lowering the flag: Europe's airlines head for a shakeout

In this article about the European Airline Industry, Andrew Smith at Arthur D Little is quoted as saying: "In the past few years the European airline sector has seen record-breaking profitability but this is mostly down to the very low oil price. It is still a very fragmented market compared to its cousin across the pond. There's every reason to think there will be more consolidation." Smith pointed out that one factor in further deals could be Brexit. Although he thought the likelihood of flights between the UK and EU being grounded because of the pair failing to strike an aviation agreement before April 2019 was a "doomsday scenario", he says it could spur some deals - or alliances such as IAG, which owns British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus. "I think there will be more consolidation but you cannot assume it will be straightforward M&A," he says. "Part of the reason is because of anti-trust rules and alliances are quite a convenient way of solving the problem of market access without having to go over the hurdle of buying an entire airline." [...]

UK, London - 10 August 2017

Applying agile approaches to improve breakthrough innovation

Arthur D. Little's eighth Innovation Excellence Survey has revealed that the approaches that have been successful at improving innovation delivery over the last 30 years are holding most organizations back. Senior executives in product- and process-technology companies are already championing agile approaches to improve breakthrough innovation performance. In this article, Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad and Chandler Hatton at Arthur D. Little, discuss why creating a separate path with agile principles tuned for a product development environment has been shown to be an effective approach. [...]

, - 03 August 2017

How to apply agile approaches to drive product innovation

Breakthrough innovation - innovation aimed at delivering disruptive impact, or creating new market spaces or step-changes in product, process or business-model performance - is increasingly important for companies. However, outside of the software industry most organizations, especially those with complex engineered products and longer development lifecycles, struggle to deliver it systematically. This is principally because the agile approach needed to realize breakthroughs is a challenge to the established practices that have served them well. In this article, Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad and Chandler Hatton at Arthur D. Little, look at how non-software product-based companies can successfully embrace agile, as well as non-agile, methods in a complementary way. [...]

, - 01 August 2017

Adding agile to improve breakthrough innovation

For the past two decades, the information technology and software world has been applying the agile approach, a highly dynamic innovation model. As a result, the software industry has consistently produced patents at three times the level of the next-most prolific sectors. Today, agile approaches are increasingly being deployed alongside phase-gate processes in engineering and R&D functions outside software, also with positive results. In this article, Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad and Chandler Hatton at Arthur D. Little, discuss why companies that have successfully added agile methods to their toolboxes, and tailor their breakthrough innovation approaches by the type of innovation, perform significantly better than those that stick to the traditional waterfall/phase-gate approach. [...]

UK, London - 01 August 2017

Adding agile to improve breakthrough innovation in product development

Phase-gate, or waterfall, approaches, which companies have used for the last three decades to improve innovation performance, are being found to hold companies back when it comes to breakthrough innovation. Instead, senior executives in product- and process-technology companies are turning to agile approaches. In this article, Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad and Chandler Hatton at Arthur D. Little, discuss why to apply the principles of agile, the best tactic is to create a separate path tuned specifically to using those methods. [...]

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