Issue 2, 2005

Coming Together - Success Through Clustering

David Brown, Francois Deneux, Eric Halioua, Francois Le Verger

The concept of clusters promises to be a winning solution for regions wanting a slice of the cake in new technological fields. In the textbook it all seems very simple. Take a region, throw in scientists and venture capital, then just wait for success. In reality though, it proves quite different - and difficult. In this article, the authors take a closer look at the four biotech clusters of Berlin, Massachusetts, Paris and Singapore. The authors explore what governments have done in each, the successes so far and the lessons to be drawn for executives. [...]

Issue 2, 2005

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

Herman Vantrappen and Petter Kilefors

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. Many top executives are wondering whether it’s worth getting back into M&A as a tool for growth - and if so, what best-practice maximises the chances of success. As Vantrappen and Kilefors explore in their article, not all mergers and acquisitions make sense. They provide a summary of what academia has to say, the steps to success and what executives need to do to make the best from the complicated world of M&A. [...]

Issue 2, 2005

Central and Eastern Europe: An El Dorado for Telecom Investors?

Karim Taga and Leopold Glanz

Strong growth, increased liberalisation and new trends in technology have contributed to making the Central and Eastern European telecommunications markets very attractive for investors. In countries like the Czech Republic mobile phone penetration has reached a staggering 105 percent. In this article, Taga and Glanz take a close look at the telecommunications bonanza in Central and Eastern Europe. They also scrutinise in detail two striking markets: the Czech Republic and Serbia. [...]

Issue 2, 2005

Profitable Pricing with Irrational Competitors and Rational Customers

Daniel Deneffe and Steffen Rüdiger

B2B markets are under pressure from various sides. In the current environment, managing prices is fast becoming one of the main management tools for survival. Deneffe and Rüdiger take a close look at how this environment has changed hitherto fixed pricing rules, what the most efficient pricing policies can look like, and how to implement new negotiation structures and procedures on a daily basis in order to ensure that B2B markets do not lose any more ground. [...]

Issue 2, 2005

Technological Innovation is like Sushi: Interview with Yoon-Woo Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics

Hyung-Gee Chung, Daesoon Hong and Changsuk Lee from Arthur D. Little talk to Yoon-Woo Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics

Interview with Yoon-Woo Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics [...]

Issue 1, 2005

The Innovation High Ground: How Leading Companies are Using Sustainability-Driven Innovation

Gib Hedstrom, Justin Keeble, David Lyon, Andreina Pardo and Davide Vassallo

In 1999, Arthur D. Little linked up with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to investigate how 80 companies were integrating sustainable development into their approach to innovation management, and to learn about the opportunities and barriers they were experiencing. The overall conclusion at the time was that companies were "part way there", but there was still a long way to go. Five years on, we set out to find out what had changed. [...]

Issue 1, 2005

The Staying Power of Europe's Chemical Industry

Edouard Croufer, Pieter-Jan Mermans and Christian Weigel

In all industries the production costs for sites in Western Europe are under scrutiny. And with more and more developing countries eager for industrialisation the pressure keeps mounting. But does this apply across all industries? To find out, Arthur D. Little compared the manufacturing costs of chemical products in Western Europe, the US, India and China. The astonishing result was that, while Europe may well be expensive, in this industry at least it is still one of the most competitive regions in the world. [...]

Issue 1, 2005

Creating Strategic Value by Balancing Risk and Opportunities

Leo Brecht and Steffen Bassler

No risk - no reward? The old mantra of business seems to have lost its meaning: cut-throat competition, ever-emerging markets and a general loss of trust in economic stability has led many corporations to tread overly carefully. But help is on the way. In the last couple of years, risk management tools and methodology from the financial services sector have been more and more transferred into everyday business. In this article Brecht and Bassler explain the foundations of this approach. [...]

Issue 1, 2005

Ploughs, Mobile Networks and Sustainable Cash Flows

Bruno Duarte and Guillaume Scottez

While European mobile phone operators enjoy record levels of cash flow, their prices are increasingly under scrutiny from public opinion and telecom regulators. Their cash flow, however, is not under immediate threat. This is one of the conclusions suggested by this year's edition of Arthur D. Little's annual survey of mobile operators. Duarte and Scottez explore the present state of the industry in Europe and take a closer look at how the leading operators can sustain their level of cash flow in the future. [...]

Issue 1, 2005

How Top Innovators Get Innovation Right: Results from Arthur D. Little's Third Innovation Excellence Survey

Georg Beyer, Jasper Boessenkool, Anders Johansson, Per I. Nilsson and Frederik van Oene

Improving innovation ability is today the most important lever for increasing profitability and growth. But success is mixed. In just about all industry sectors the 25 percent most innovative companies have 2.5 times as many new products and get 10 times better returns on their innovation investment than the least innovative ones. In 2004 Arthur D. Little conducted its third Global Innovation Excellence Survey on innovation management. In this article Beyer, Boessenkool, Johansson, Nilsson and van Oene present the key findings and show how companies can benefit from them. [...]

Issue 1, 2005

Complexity Management is all about Speed: Interview with Thierry Breton, Finance Minister of France

Eric Hazan, Bruno Duarte, Ignacio Garcia Alves and Etienne Brumauld des Houlières

Interview with Thierry Breton [...]

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