Issue 2, 2017

Four key questions to consider for successful digital transformation

Jonas Andrén, Lokesh Dadhich, Johan Treutiger, Tove Kjellén

The majority of "analog-native" companies are struggling to become digitally mature enough to compete with "digitalnative" rivals. How can they adapt strategies, business models, organizational structures and capabilities to remain competitive and relevant? This article focuses on the four key questions analog-native companies need to address if they are to successfully embrace digital transformation. [...]

Issue 2, 2017

The “human-to-technology” language challenge

Greg Smith, Mandeep Dhillon, Laurie Guillodo, Xabier Ormaechea, Carl Bate

It is often said that within every business is a technology business, with software central to enterprise success. However, translating ideas into working software is not easy. Looking at typical businessto-technology language problems, this article shows how to overcome them through new ideas and techniques used by digital leaders. [...]

Issue 2, 2017

Integrating lean principles into digital transformation

Bernd Schreiber, Willem Romanus, Yong Lee

With the advent of digital, many organizations are looking to move away from lean management, in search of more radical performance gains. This article explains why lean principles are still vital, and how integrating them into digital transformation can be a highly effective way of simplifying the process. This allows companies to identify and apply the most effective levers for the digital journey. [...]

Issue 2, 2017

Embrace the shadow

Michael Papadopoulos, Greg Smith, Andreas Macek, Noémie Bristol-Courgeon, Elliot Gilford

Shadow IT, systems built and used by business units without approval from the IT function, are now pervasive. Given that shadow IT is now a reality, this article outlines how companies and IT departments can embrace the trend in order to properly manage it and reap its benefits, in terms of increased productivity, innovation and flexibility. [...]

Issue 2, 2017

Transforming medical technology businesses to create value with digital

Mitch Beaumont, Prashanth Prasad, Ulrica Sehlstedt, Mandeep Dhillon

There is significant value to be captured with digital products and services in the healthcare industry. However, existing medical technology companies going digital will require major business and operational model changes. This article introduces a framework and set of levers that can help medical technology executives proactively manage these changes and their impact, therefore guiding their companies through digital transformation. [...]

Issue 2, 2017

Interview with Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO, Total

Energy companies are facing multiple challenges, including the need to meet rising demand while helping to tackle climate change. In a wide-ranging interview, Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, explains the company's roadmap to align itself with the objective of limiting global warming to 2°C, how it is embracing digital innovation, and the growing importance of artificial intelligence to augment the creativity and skills of the human mind. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Ecosystem innovation – The growth of hyper-collaboration in a fast-moving world

Michael Kolk, Rick Eagar, Charles Boulton, Carlos Mira, Ivo Schutz

While companies have embraced the opportunities offered by the concept of open innovation over the past 20 years, the overriding need for agility and responsiveness means this is no longer adequate to meet future challenges. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Using agile approaches for breakthrough product innovation

Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad, Chandler Hatton, Colin Davies

Companies expect their shares of revenue from breakthrough, as opposed to incremental, innovation to double over the next five years, yet 88% of business leaders are dissatisfied with their current performances in this area. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Logistics 4.0 – Facing digitalization-driven disruption

Vincent Bamberger, Florent Nansé, Michael Zintel

At a time of market transformation, legacy logistics players (LLPs) risk being held back by the weight of their past, with static organizations, old IT systems, and complex processes preventing them from competing. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Agility in managing electricity grids: The case for batteries

Kurt Baes, Florence Carlot, Robin Francis, Adnan Merhaba

The rise in renewable energy has created unprecedented challenges for the planning and operation of an electricity grid that was built on the assumption of power being provided predominantly by large, centralized generation sources and consumed as soon as it is produced. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Urban mobility – Learnings from the Middle East

Ralf Baron, Thomas Kuruvilla, Morsi Berguiga, Michael Zintel, Joseph Salem, Mario Kerbage

The Middle East may have been late to urbanization, but this has provided a unique opportunity to shape its urban-mobility strategies. [...]

Issue 1, 2017

Interview with Director General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, RTA

The urban mobility sector in DUBAI is dynamic. Change is constant, and adapting to change is what the RTA is striving for. This helps the entity plan and deliver the transport infrastructure and services for the emirate in a flexible way. [...]

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