Issue 1, 2016

“The chemical industry is already quite advanced in terms of digitalization”

An interview with Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay.

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu: The chemical industry is reshaping around several major trends, which it is critical to anticipate. Energy costs and access to raw materials are one of those trends. When it comes to energy costs there are growing discrepancies around the world, with Europe operating at a disadvantage to other regions. Economic growth is another essential theme for our industry, as we need to anticipate different growth levels across the globe. We have lower forecasts for Europe, higher prospects in emerging countries (with recent doubts around Brazil and China), while we expect North America to get back to solid growth, with the exception of the oil & gas sector, which has been hit by the decline in global oil prices.

Sustainability is also critical for chemical companies, for two reasons: We have a responsibility towards society with regard to how we operate, but there are also major opportunities in developing sustainable products and applications which contribute to solving some of the major challenges our planet is facing. Our stakeholders are challenging us positively when it comes to our impact on the planet, people's health,and many other topics. The sustainability challenge is now an integral part of our strategy.

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