Public Services: complex challenges, strained budgets

Government bodies in the 21st century face a complex web of challenges. They need to manage interdependencies: navigating within and between diverse policy domains and levels of authority to address increasingly complex societal problems and greater internationalisation. At the same time, open government means responding to demands for more open, transparent and consultative government. Also, the public sector is becoming more performance-focussed and takes into account the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of government measures. It here uses market-type mechanisms: providing government services through market mechanisms, such as outsourcing, public-private partnerships and vouchers. 

In responding to these demands, public decision-makers face tough political choices.

How we can help

Arthur D. Little is uniquely positioned to address these issues. Our dedicated team of public sector consultants, drawn from business, technical and social sciences backgrounds, offers you important benefits:

  • Public sector knowledge: we have worked for clients at all levels of government – local, provincial, regional, national and supranational
  • Policy expertise: with an extensive international network at our disposal, we master the full breadth of the policy spectrum (transport, healthcare, economics, innovation, environment, energy, culture, etc.)
  • Proven methodologies: these guarantee efficient yet customized service delivery
  • A side-by-side consulting approach: our flexible and pragmatic way of working generates essential buy-in for implementing solutions and realizing results.

Our services

Over the years, our Public Services practice has worked with ministers and their cabinets, administrative bodies, autonomous and semi-autonomous agencies, regulatory bodies, non-governmental organizations and international institutions in every corner of the world.

We have been and continue to be at the forefront of change and innovation in the public sector by:

  • Delivering effective and sustainable solutions as the sector evolves
  • Supporting efforts to modernise government by applying our knowledge and expertise

Our services are provided by various specialists in centres of competence in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. Our key services are:

Strategy and organization

Profound changes in constituents’ demands, the diffusion of new technologies, changing relationships of accountability and control, growing policy interdependencies, the use of market-type mechanisms for service delivery – these developments all require a rethink of strategy and organisation in the public sector sphere. Arthur D. Little helps public sector clients hone their governance, organisation and strategic responses. Our strategy methodology, "Ambition Driven Strategy", helps clients set ambitious targets and realise these. Our organisational design methodology helps craft nimble and agile public authorities.

Performance improvement & business redesign

We help our clients deliver better service, make efficiency gains and improve programme effectiveness. This may involve fast changes to operational processes, as well as more significant turnaround delivered through change management. Either way, our approach is collaborative. We secure success by encouraging staff and employee representatives to play a constructive role in a bottom-up process, rather than imposing objectives from above.

Technology and innovation management

Public authorities are in the process of becoming more innovative and customer oriented. We support our clients in all aspects of technology and innovation management, aiming to ensure that innovation, whether in services or processes, is converted rapidly into added value.

Sustainability and risk management

The sustainability and risk management paradigm has recently moved away from its traditional focus to encompass elements of corporate social responsibility, people governance, public affairs and even corporate governance. Citizens expect government bodies in particular to set standards and behave in an exemplary fashion. Our Public Services practice helps clients to integrate sustainability into their operations and service delivery, and to manage risks in a strategic fashion.


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