Public Services: complex challenges, strained budgets

At Arthur D. Little, our Public Services practice combines traditional consulting skills with public sector knowledge and expertise to help address the many challenges public authorities currently face around the world.

Public authorities are in the process of becoming more innovative and customer oriented. We support our clients in all aspects of technology and innovation management, aiming to ensure that innovation, whether in services or processes, is converted rapidly into added value. [...]

Our client, a European regional government, expressed the ambition to modernize its administration. To realise this ambition coherently with the right priorities and follow-up, they turned to Arthur D. Little for a performance management tool. Challenge: The challenge was to introduce the concept of balanced scorecards [...]

Francis How, Rick Eagar, Charles Boulton and Axel Kappeler

Innovation in regulated service industries with a legacy of state ownership, such as public transport, remains a major challenge in many countries. What are the pre-requisites for innovation and what can policymakers and companies do individually to overcome the barriers? This article shows how a regulated service sector with interdependent players can collectively become more innovative. [...]

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Viewpoints26 September 2016

Digital Inclusion in public services

Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion in public services

Despite investments and efforts, the performance in "connectivity" of different European regions is not homogenous. [...]

Viewpoints01 September 2006

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

Arthur D. Little was commissioned by 35 universities to conduct a study of the impact of research in their institutions - primarily from the "post 92" group. The study showed that such institutions play a key part in sustaining [...]

Press Releases14 July 2009

Saudi Arabian ministry of commerce and industry engages Arthur D. Little for study on consumer protection regime

The Saudi Ministry of commerce and industry recently appointed Arthur D. Little to develop the consumer protection regime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arthur D. Little will advice the ministry on its strategy and the optimal design for [...]