Risk management

Businesses today need to integrate risk management fully into their strategy - not only to minimise potential losses but also to exploit new business opportunities arising from the risk agenda.

How we can help

Arthur D. Little can help you integrate risk management into your business strategy and tackle key safety and risk challenges. We can help you:

  • Understand opportunities and risks
  • Integrate risk management into your business processes
  • Assure the safe performance of complex critical systems
  • Manage safety and risk in high-hazard industries
  • Manage risk in projects
  • Measure and report risk performance

Our capabilities

Arthur D. Little has been pioneers risk management for more than three decades. Today, we have deeper insight and broader capability in this field than any other leading strategy consulting firm. Uniquely, we can provide in-house teams combining business and commercial acumen with specialist expertise and knowledge in areas such as safety critical systems, transport risk, safety culture and process safety. We work across a wide range of industries and public sector organisations.

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Development and delivery of bespoke training

Arthur D. Little has more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering high quality training for senior managers.  We have a range of open enrolment and bespoke courses covering topics such as safety leadership, strategic safety management and accident investigation.  Our training courses are delivered by highly experienced consulting staff.  We are always happy to share feedback from past courses as our clients can tell you how they found the courses engaging, linked to their own concerns or issues about risk and made a real difference to their leadership of safety.

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Management Team

Richard Clarke Director, United Kingdom

Michael Kruse Partner, Germany

Daniel Roos Principal, Sweden

Stefano Milanese Sustainability & Risk Practice, Italy

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