Strategy & Organization

Strategy development of two merged airlines

After the merger of two European airlines, Arthur D. Little helped the newly formed company to redesign its strategy [...]

Strategy & Organization

Development of a partnering strategy

For a company in the aerospace and defence industry, a partnering strategy has been developed. [...]

Strategy & Organization

How to develop a market-oriented and customer-focused organisation

A global leader in a niche segment of process equipment wanted to achieve a market oriented and customer focused organisation, and turned to Arthur D. Little in order to achieve the goal. [...]

Strategy & Organization

Strategy development for sustainable business success

A leading car logistics company group asked Arthur D. Little to help it develop a sustainable strategy in order to achieve business success. [...]

Strategy & Organization

Long-term growth strategy in the chemicals industry

Arthur D. Little helped a large chemicals company develop an ambitious growth long-term growth strategy. [...]

Strategy & Organization

A balanced scorecard for regional government

Our client, a European regional government, expressed the ambition to modernize its administration. To realise this ambition coherently with the right priorities and follow-up, they turned to Arthur D. Little for a performance management tool. [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Strategy & Organization

Developing business opportunities for the low income consumer

We developed business opportunities for the low income consumer in Venezuela against a background of poverty, high regulation and pressure on profitability in the banking sector [...]

Financial Services, Strategy & Organization

The power of knowledge management

Knowledge Management – fostering global knowledge and expertise exchange [...]

Financial Services, Strategy & Organization

Strategy development to business transformation

Strategy and Business Transformation - Corporate Planning and Strategy Development - Enhancing competitive position to drive profitable growth [...]

Strategy & Organization, Financial Services

Bank transformation

Strategy and Business Transformation – strategic redesign of a universal bank [...]

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