Partner, France

Aurélia Bettati

Contact Aurélia Bettati
Bio: Aurélia Bettati is a Partner in the Paris office of Arthur D. Little within the Strategy and Organization practice. She has specialized in growth strategies for various industries (Travel & Transportation, Media, Sport, Consumer Goods & Retail, [...]

Partner, France

Ignacio García Alves

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Bio: Ignacio García Alves is Arthur D. Little's Chief Executive Officer and located in the Brussels office. Ignacio García Alves focuses on strategy formulation for high-tech companies and network industries (telecommunications, transport and utilities) [...]

Partner, France


Contact Mathieu BLONDEL
Bio: Mathieu Blondel is a Partner of Arthur D. Little France, member of the Travel & Transportation Practice. Mathieu helps leading industry players and investors (transport companies, infrastructure operators, 3rd party service providers, Private Equity [...]

Partner, Italy

Saverio Caldani

Contact Saverio Caldani
Bio: Saverio Caldani is a Partner in Arthur D. Little Italy and Spain. He is a member of the Energy & Utilities Practice and affiliated with Strategy & Organization within Arthur D. Little. His primary focus areas are organizational improvement, strategic [...]

Partner, France

François Deneux

Contact François Deneux
Bio: François Deneux is a Partner of Arthur D. Little in France. He is a member of Strategy & Organization and has more than 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting.
François Deneux has expertise in strategy, development strat [...]

Partner, The Netherlands

Martijn Eikelenboom

Contact Martijn Eikelenboom
Bio: Martijn Eikelenboom is a Partner in the Amsterdam office of Arthur D. Little. He combines a total of over 20 years of strategy consulting experience with five years of line management as CEO for a leading media publisher, distributor and retailer.
Ma [...]

Partner, Sweden

Petter Kilefors

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Bio: Petter Kilefors is the leader of the Global Strategy & Organization, Private Equity and Corporate Finance Practice at the Stockholm office of Arthur D. Little. He is affiliated with the TIME, Health Care and Public Sector practices. His professional [...]

Partner, Germany

Wilhelm Lerner

Contact Wilhelm Lerner
Bio: Wilhelm Lerner leads Arthur D. Little's Central Europe Strategy & Organization Practice, located in Frankfurt. Within his more than 25 years of management consulting work, he has supported clients in the consumer goods and retail, construction, chemicals [...]

Managing Director, Belgium

Dirk Luyten

Contact Dirk Luyten
Bio: Dirk Luyten is Managing Director of the Brussels office of Arthur D. Little. He’s a member of the Strategy and Organization Practice and the Consumer Goods & Retail Practice. His area of expertise covers market strategy, design and implementation, [...]

Partner, Japan

Yonoshin Mori

Contact Yonoshin Mori
Bio: Yonoshin Mori is based in Arthur D. Little's Tokyo office. Within more than 15 years of consulting his primary expertise has been business strategy development and implementation support in a wide range of industries, including information technology [...]

Partner, India

Srini Srinivasan

Contact Srini Srinivasan
Bio: Srini Srinivasan has over 25 years of global consulting experience, mainly in India and the US. He has worked across industry sectors and in areas such as strategy, organizational structure, process/operations improvement and people processes. He is a [...]

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