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In the fifth century BC, Sun Tzu wrote: "In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace. The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death. A road either to safety or ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected… Know your enemy, know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster… The supreme act of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Arthur D. Little brings together unparalleled experience, talent, creativity and discipline to help clients define, develop and execute strategy in a wide range of sectors and geographies.

The future success of any company - whether it is a large holding company, a subsidiary, a start-up, or a public body - depends on how effectively the organization adjusts to new challenges and continuous change. At Arthur D. Little, we combine our industry expertise and organizational know-how to develop and [...]

Putting the Focus Back Where it Belongs – on Business

Results of Arthur D. Little’s 2010 global survey on the economic crisis

It is close to two years since the financial and economic crisis erupted with the dramatic collapse of Lehman Brothers. As our 2009 global survey revealed [...]

After the merger of two European airlines, Arthur D. Little helped the newly formed company to redesign its strategy. Challenge: Following the merger, the next steps were to identify a new strategy, develop a business plan and implement this new strategy for the newly formed company. In this context, the client asked [...]

Outstanding “Wow-Effects” Through an Innovative Customer Journey

Today, differentiation from competitors by just delivering a failure-free customer journey across all touch points is not enough anymore. Companies need to take Customer Experience Management (CEx) to the next level and surprise customers with outstanding “wow-effects”. [...]

The path to success in the fast growing market

In the last decade, China has become an essential player in the world’s economic landscape and has been the favored investment target for countless companies located in the mature markets. Although China has been a driver of economic success for most of these companies, [...]

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Viewpoints18 May 2016

Defining the digital organization

Implications of digital transformation on the organization of financial institutions

Digital transformation is one of the most important changes that the financial industry faces these days. This transformation radically changes how banks and insurance companies interact with their clients, what products are offered, how [...]

Viewpoints12 February 2016

Aviation Alliance Strategy

Beyond the global alliance model?

In the context of a challenging macro environment, the global aviation sector is facing unprecedented change due to advances in aircraft technology, disruptive business models and a new generation of digitally enabled passenger. In light [...]

Viewpoints01 October 2015


Investment Opportunity

A special report by Arthur D. Little on <i>why India is an attractive investment destination</i>, prepared for ASSOCHAM, one of India’s largest apex Chambers of Commerce, in conjunction with a Global Investors’ India Forum hosted by [...]

Viewpoints22 September 2015

Shared services – Event summary Executive Roundtable

The transformation challenge to realize benefits from shared services

Since the mid-1980s discrete shared services have been implemented across the globe; for instance, in finance &amp; accounting, purchasing, IT and HR. Meanwhile, shared services have become a “commodity” approach for organizational [...]

Press Releases13 December 2012

Arthur D. Little identifies path to success in the Chinese market

Attracted by its large market, exploding demand and cheap labor, China has been a good location for western companies looking to expand their business. However, uncertainty regarding Chinese economic growth, rising labor costs and the [...]

Press Releases27 April 2012

Investments in Customer Experience pay off in all economic cycles, states Arthur D. Little

In its latest Viewpoint, “Managing the Customer Experience: Going from Good to Great”, Arthur D. Little presents its experiences and methodology on how to become great at customer experience management. Today, Customer Experience [...]

Press Releases31 October 2011

Arthur D. Little identifies solutions for the future of urban mobility

With existing systems close to breakdown urban mobility is one of the toughest challenges that cities face. In its new study The Future of Urban Mobility: Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050, innovation consultancy Arthur D. [...]

Press Releases16 February 2011

Arthur D. Little and ESCP Europe explore best practice business incubation in new book

In recent years, the number of business incubators across the globe has rapidly increased in a bid to support and develop young entrepreneurs and establish a brighter future against a backdrop of economic austerity.&nbsp; In new book [...]