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The future success of any company - whether it is a large holding company, a subsidiary, a start-up, or a public body - depends on how effectively the organisation adjusts to new challenges and continuous change. At Arthur D. Little, we combine our industry expertise and organisational know-how to develop and implement high-performance processes and organisations. Together with you, we can mobilize and energise the real change agents in your organisation - your people.

Strategy is about making conscious decisions about the actions to take and which not to take. Arthur D. Little's launch of the high performance business model in the 1990's (often referred to as the S/P/R/O-model) triggered a holistic approach to strategy. It is built on the premise that balanced stakeholder satisfaction and the alignment of strategies, processes, resources and organisation are crucial to sustainable success. Over the years, numerous senior executives have applied that S/P/R/O logic and witnessed its impact on the creation of value. Innovative in its simplicity, the S/P/R/O model is still valid and widely used today - it is everyone's thinking in the 21st century. Senior executives who are determined to be winners and create future history will put that thinking into practice.

Below, you find examples of services that we offer our clients, several of which build on lessons learned from applying the S/P/R/O-model in thousands of assignments across the world.

Strategy development

  • Strategy development (ADS™ and CDS™)
  • Strategy by analogy
  • Value based management (VBM)

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Strategy development with special characteristics

  • Business cycle management
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Family business strategy
  • China strategy

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Revenue management

  • Market space innovation (MSI)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales force efficiency
  • Low income consumer strategy
  • Pricing strategy

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Mergers & acquisitions and divestment services

Arthur D. Little can assist your organisation with a range of services when it comes to pre- and post-transactions. Please also visit the Corporate Finance practice website for more information about what transaction-related services Arthur D. Little offers, e.g. purchase price allocations and impairment testing

  • Commercial and operational due diligences
  • Full potential framework
  • Technology audit
  • 100 day plan
  • Post merger integration
  • Partnering

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Industry/sector analysis

  • Industrial and regional development
  • Benchmark studies
  • Value chain and value web analysis

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Regulatory related services

  • Corporate governance
  • Corporatization
  • Privatization
  • Deregulation

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Organization and change management

Throughout the long history of our firm, Arthur D. Little has been involved in projects to make organisations more efficient and effective. Below you will find examples of services we offer our clients to assist in accelerating change and improvements of their organisations as well as collaborations with other organisations.

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