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Strategy & Organization March 2007

Fitting China into Your Global Footprint

Fitting China into your global footprint

China is no longer just a low-cost country suited to cheap mass production. It has now also developed the capabilities to serve as an R&D base. Companies must therefore design a new strategy fitting China into their global manufacturing and R&D footprint. This article outlines the key principles and benefits of a "China fit" logic and explains how to apply them in a step-by-step approach. [...]

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Strategy & Organization March 2007

The Fit between Business Strategy and R&D Organisation

The fit between business strategy and R&D organisation

Corporations constantly struggle to get the right fit in their R&D organisation. It should neither be too global nor too focused, and it must fit into the company’s overall strategy. This article shares the insights from a study undertaken by Arthur D. Little of the link between business strategy and R&D organisation and shows through a concrete example how these insights can be applied. [...]

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Strategy & Organization, Consumer Goods March 2007

Improving Satisfaction throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Improving satisfaction throughout the customer life-cycle

It is ever more crucial for companies not only to keep customers happy but to keep the right customers happy. But how can they measure the value of customers through the whole customer life-cycle? In this article, the authors explain the methodology developed by Arthur D. Little that helps companies to measure satisfaction levels and translate the results into actions with sustainable results. [...]

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