Why invest in China now?

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Strategy & Organization November 2012

Why invest in China now?

The path to success in the fast growing market

In the last decade, China has become an essential player in the world’s economic landscape and has been the favored investment target for countless companies located in the mature markets. Although China has been a driver of economic success for most of these companies, [...]

Strategy & Organization September 2012

The Growth Accelerator - Benefit

Implementing a targeted and impactful Growth Accelerator initiative typically yields an average return of 13 percentage points incremental CAGR (compound annual growth rate). While organizations concentrate on serving existing business to fulfill annual targets and shareholders' expectations, they often have limited or no strategies to address the tremendous potential outside their core business in the mid- and long-term. [...]

The Growth Accelerator - Framework

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Strategy & Organization July 2012

The Growth Accelerator - Framework

Accelerating profitable growth through innovation in promising opportunity spaces

In the midst of the financial turmoil and macroeconomic challenges most companies improved their cost structure and cash position. Now, despite the continuous political and economic challenges, organic growth and innovation returns to the corporate agenda. [...]

Strategy & Organization May 2012

Marketing & Sales Excellence

Marketing and Sales Excellence is critical to success: our compelling benchmark study across industries identifies room for improvement for your company. Arthur D. Little and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management are jointly running an ongoing cross-industry benchmarking study to identify key drivers and determinants of Marketing and Sales Excellence across various industries. [...]

Managing the Customer Experience

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Strategy & Organization, Consumer Goods April 2012

Managing the Customer Experience

Going from Good to Great

In its latest Viewpoint “Managing the Customer Experience: Going from Good to Great”, Arthur D. Little presents thoughts, experiences and methodology on how to become great at customer experience management. [...]

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