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A cross-industry global benchmark of innovation practices conducted by Arthur D. Little.

Building on our competitive insights from more than a decade of innovation surveys, Arthur D. Little’s Global Innovation Excellence Benchmark, is intended for business leaders and senior innovation executives with corporate or divisional responsibilities for innovation management (e.g. Chief Technology Officers, Chief Innovation Managers, Head of R&D).

A report with analysis from the first wave of responses is available here

All participants receive, on request, a free personalized benchmark report designed to help you understand your innovation performance versus your peers, and to identify the most important innovation performance levers and best practices for your organisation. Please contact us if you would like to see sanitised example extracts from the individual company benchmark report you would receive.  The many hundreds of companies who have already participated have found this report to be very valuable and insightful.  All data are reported anonymously, and we maintain strict confidentiality with respect to company-specific survey data.

To participate in the Arthur D. Little Global Innovation Excellence Benchmark and receive your personalized benchmark report, please either:

  • Complete the questionnaire online; or
  • Download the PDF version  of the questionnaire (use Adobe Reader or equivalent for form functionality) and return it electronically to the benchmark team

Please contact the benchmark team to allow them organise feedback from your responses.

Rick Eagar Ben Thuriaux-Alemán
Partner Principal
Chief Innovation Officer & Global Practice Leader Technology & Innovation Management Global Innovation Excellence Benchmark co-ordinator