Sustainability & Risk, GCAS, Sustainability

Implementation and metrics in carbon management

Assessment of emission reductions projects within the UNFCCC JI framework [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk, GCAS

Strategy in creating a 'Carbon Winner's Index'

For an independent financial firm, we developed a “Carbon Winners” index [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk, GCAS

Creating a strategy for carbon management

We reviewed strategies and approaches for carbon management across the chemical industry [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability

Building an effective sustainable development strategy for a leading mobile telecoms operator

We conducted a review for the Italian operations of a global mobile telecommunications group. [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk

Wave and Tidal Energy Strategy

For a leading utility, Arthur D. Little constructed a development strategy for marine renewables. [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability

Understanding of sustainability and competitive positioning for a multinational pharmaceutical and agrochemicals company

We undertook a masterclass and competitive positioning review for a multinational pharmaceutical and agrochemicals company to help strengthen their understanding of sustainability and the business case [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk

Development of Sustainable Procurement Strategy that drives innovation

We developed a sustainable procurement strategy for a leading European mobile telecoms operator. [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk

Audit of the application of business ethics for a leading asset company

For an asset manager in emerging markets we audited the application of their business ethics [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability

Developing regional pilots for sustainable energy

For a national energy agency, we tested and developed an initiative to drive national policy through regional pilots. [...]

Sustainability, Sustainability & Risk

Integrating corporate responsibility into core business strategy and operational processes

We helped a global pharmaceutical client to integrate corporate responsibility into its core business strategy and operational processes to improve corporate risk management. [...]

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