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Arthur D. Little demystifies sustainability for the board in latest publication

While ‘sustainability’ has become a corporate watchword in the 21st century, many companies remain unclear about what are the most appropriate practical actions to take for business...  In The Board’s Sustainability Handbook, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) demystifies the concept of sustainability in business, and sets out the key ideas for non-specialist senior executives in an easily digestible format.

Sustainability has now moved into the heart of the business, and touches on nearly every company function.  Investors, customers and society in general take more interest today in how a company operates, rather than just what it makes or offers.

The Board’s Sustainability Handbook outlines tools and approaches to assess a company’s readiness to deal with the reality of sustainable business: the risks, opportunities, imperatives and options, to ensure that actions are aligned with business needs.  Chapter headings include:
- Is there more to sustainable business than we’ve recognised?
- How sustainable is our business - really?
- What opportunities are we missing to create value?
- What can we do to change?

Commenting on the book, Michael Traem, Global CEO of Arthur D. Little, said, “Based on our sustainability work with leading companies, we hope that this book will help to clarify what has become a complex and confusing area for the non-specialist.  It is vital that executives get to grips with this topic – in 20 years’ time, no one is likely to be talking about ‘sustainable’ or ‘unsustainable’ businesses because the unsustainable ones will have gone to the wall.”

If you would like a PDF copy of The Board’s Sustainability Handbook, please send an email request to adlittle(at)

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