Public concern about issues such as climate change and the impact of business on society has never been more intense than it is today. Accordingly, sustainability has now risen to the very top of the corporate agenda. Topics such as carbon management, energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility and public safety are no longer just the concern of functional specialists.

Businesses today need to integrate sustainability fully into their strategies - not only to minimise potential losses but also to exploit new business opportunities arising from the sustainability agenda. These may include new products and services to meet developing sustainability needs, new technologies and/or supply chains to improve sustainability performance, or new business models to access and develop emerging markets and support the creation of sustainable communities.

How we can help

Arthur D. Little has helped over 150 organisations over the past 20 years to respond to the sustainability agenda, embedding sustainability into the way they do business and helping companies develop fit for purpose responses to the sustainability agenda. Arthur D. Little can help companies integrate sustainability into their business strategies. Arthur D. Little offers a comprehensive approach to sustainability that delivers real business benefits in short and long term – our approach is rooted in strategy, technology and innovation. We do this in three particular ways:

  • Reducing the eco-footprint resulting in lower costs and risk exposure, and an improved company image by developing strategic sustainability objectives and identifying concrete, innovative, economically viable ways to reduce the eco-footprint of businesses.
  • Identifying and developing new products and services and customer segments by reacting to sustainability trends: innovating the right solutions and developing the right products for the right markets
  • Repositioning the company towards more durable and sustainable
    business segments, including corresponding marketing and procurement strategies and comprehensive change management

Arthur D. Little has a dedicated global carbon advisory service focusing on helping companies make business sense of complex carbon issues.

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