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Arthur Dehon Little
Arthur Dehon Little

Linking strategy, technology and innovation

On October 1st 1886, Arthur D. Little opened a chemical analysis office in Boston. The opening of the office was the birth of contract research which would bridge the gap between emerging science and the practical needs of society and industry. It slowly evolved into one of the hubs of outsourced chemical research in the USA. But, Arthur D. Little even went a step further. In 1911, when the company he had founded had already built-up 25 years of innovation management expertise, he opened the first research lab for General Motors on GM’s premises. He was not aware at that point that with the contract for outsourcing parts of research for GM he had invented a new business model for his firm – and the industry.

Throughout our history, developing new concepts that impacted businesses, people, and government policy has played an important role in our work. As a management consultancy, Arthur D. Little was not only interested in doing strategic work and setting up revolutionary and new concepts. Rather, Since day one, Arthur D. Little and his team, were interested in implementing the scientific results of their work. Ever since 1886 this has been at the core of our endeavors and that is still what we do for our clients today.

In 2011 Arthur D. Little maintained this proud tradition through the creation of the first lab concerning the future of mobility. The target of the lab is to explore tomorrow’s urban mobility challenges and find individual answers for cities around the globe. In the future you will see more labs to be opened and operated by Arthur D. Little – be prepared for the future.

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