Where to start to improve your innovation investments?

Innovation management covers many aspects from business intelligence to idea generation to managing intellectual property and working with innovation partners. They are like links in a chain. One of the challenges for managers is that all of the links in this chain need to be in good shape in order for the innovation management process to succeed. To focus on the whole chain in a more balanced way, it is recommended that companies utilize a diagnostic tool to assess the quality of the different links.  At Arthur D. Little, we have developed a set of well-proven diagnostic tools that serve hundreds of companies. They go from doing a relatively simple “Innovation Management Health Check” to more advanced diagnostics that benchmark the quality of the different parts of your innovation management approach or that map your innovation culture.

If you are looking for a diagnostic that helps you to assess the quality of Innovation Management in your organization, we encourage you to partake in the initial Arthur D. Little Innovation Management Health Check below.

We have identified those characteristics that are associated with highly innovative companies and structured them in a way that highlights those areas that may be of concern to your business.

  • By checking the degree to which these characteristics are present in your company, you will get a fresh look of where you stand regarding innovation management and which “weak links” probably need attention.
  • By clicking the Arthur D. Little Innovation Management Health Check icon below and investing 20 minutes of your time you will receive:
    • An Innovation Management Profile of your company relative to your peers
    • Feedback on practical improvements that you may consider when addressing those areas of concern

Arthur D. Little Innovation Management Health Check

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