Technology & Innovation Management France, Paris - 03 November 2015

Mobile Payments World - Success in the mobile payment space – November 2015

Success in the mobile payment space

Despite significant developments, especially in developed markets, no clear model or winner has been established yet for mobile payment. Hence, all players are still in a position to participate, as the market will structure around global as well as local initiatives. There is an urgent call for all players to position and go to market with convincing strategies for success in the mobile payment space. In this article, Julien Duvaud-Schelnast at Arthur D. Little discusses why he believes a turning point for mobile payment in developed markets is more likely than ever before. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management Sweden, Stockholm - 18 May 2015

Arthur D. Little and iKnow

Who join forces to support companies in creating Breakthrough Innovations

On May 6th 2015, iKnow-Who and Arthur D. Little announced their new partnership during an Extreme Innovation event held at the Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 24 February 2015

Nine out of 10 firms dissatisfied with their breakthrough innovation performance, says Arthur D. Little Study

Just one in 10 firms is confident that its business has the right approach to breakthrough innovation, according to a new study from Arthur D. Little (ADL). In Breakthrough Innovation, ADL found that 88% of business leaders were dissatisfied with their strategies for nurturing breakthrough – or radical – innovation. At the same time, companies expected the revenue contribution of breakthrough innovation to double over the next five years. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 26 February 2013

Arthur D. Little: Good Innovation Management Increases Profitability by 13%

Despite worsening performance, companies increasingly satisfied

Innovation performance is now significantly worse than three years ago, yet top innovators still regularly achieve up to 13% points more EBIT than average performers. These are key findings from management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) 8th Global Innovation Excellence Study, a cross-industry survey of trends and best practice in innovation management. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 27 September 2011

New study quantifies the impact of broadband speed on GDP

Doubling the broadband speed for an economy increases GDP by 0.3 per cent.

Research conducted by Ericsson, Arthur D. Little and Chalmers University of Technology confirms that increased broadband speed contributes significantly to economic growth. Positive effects come from automated and simplified processes, increased productivity as well as better access to basic services such as education and health. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management Austria, Vienna - 28 March 2011

mHealth could be the next killer app in the mobile industry, states Arthur D. Little

Advances in mobile technology have the potential to transform the way health care is delivered in both emerging and developed markets, with revenue potential reaching ten billion dollars within five years. While expanding into mHealth can create significant value and new growth opportunities for mobile operators, there are also significant challenges to be faced, as addressed in Arthur D. Little’s latest viewpoint, “Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis: An Opportunity for Mobile Network Operators?". [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 17 February 2011

Arthur D. Little produces systematic approach for managing technological change

Information and communication technologies (ICT) continue to drive innovation across industry sectors, whether replacing established technologies or enhancing the functionality of existing products.  Managing Technological Discontinuities, the latest report from innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little, outlines a workable framework for dealing with both the business opportunities and potential challenges that the changing face of ICT presents. [...]

Strategy & Organization, Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 16 February 2011

Arthur D. Little and ESCP Europe explore best practice business incubation in new book

In recent years, the number of business incubators across the globe has rapidly increased in a bid to support and develop young entrepreneurs and establish a brighter future against a backdrop of economic austerity.  In new book Incubators of the World, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) and leading European business school ESCP Europe explore the best practices of global business incubators and ask whether such practices can be combined into a single global methodology. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 30 September 2010

Arthur D. Little and Volvo Group bring new thinking to CIOs

Transforming information technology (IT) assets into competitive weapons

There is no avoiding the fact that IT has a high impact on business operations – however, few companies put IT on the executive agenda.  According to a joint report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little and vehicle manufacturing giant Volvo Group, executives must rethink and leverage their IT solution portfolio as a competitive company asset.  Arthur D. Little and Volvo Group have developed an IT solution portfolio management (ISPM) model to bring clarity around IT’s role and its impact on the executive agenda.

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 15 April 2010

Arthur D. Little: Creating competitive advantage by transforming data into intelligence

New report outlines the necessity to imbed a clear intelligence management system into core business

In today’s high-risk world, foreseeing potential problems and eliminating them before they happen is the ideal many executives strive toward.  As business environments move at a rapid pace, making the most of the increased volumes of available market and customer data has becomebusiness critical, a new report from management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns. [...]

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