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How to scale your Agile right

Successfully implementing Agile in large corporations

How to scale your Agile right

How to scale your Agile right

Being capable to react to change with agility is a key requirement for all companies onboarding digital business models or digital products and processes. It is becoming even more of a necessity to compete. Yet large and grown companies, in particular, see many challenges with the necessary balance between agility and stability - implementing agile methodologies outside thetechnical domain fails in many cases for many reasons.

One big cause of failure is the attempt to apply one of the many off-the-shelf agile models to a large organization. These typically work well for small companies of the internet economy, but not so much in large corporate set-ups. This article offers a framework to scale and customize an individual, tailored agile approach, catering to specific requirements of the organization. These needs are assessed in the initial "understand" phase. It then offers a methodology to pick building blocks from the many agile concepts available that "shape" a working model according to the needs of your enterprise. Answering the question of how to "learn" and "adapt" after the pilot launch of an end-to-end agile process, the report gives concrete examples of how large corporations have overcome imminent obstacles.

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