Harnessing the power of innovation to protect and create business value is increasingly critical for companies as the global competitive landscape continues to evolve into a new order.

TIM: why innovation matters

At Arthur D. Little, we’ve found that in almost all industry sectors, the 25 per cent of companies that are best at innovating outperform the 25 per cent of companies in their sector that are worst, with a surprisingly wide margin. Managers estimate that by becoming really good at innovating these efforts they can increase profit margins by about 30 per cent.

Why companies fail

R&D Management Best Practices

To maintain our insights into emerging R&D management practices ADL launched a formal study in which we prioritized a deep qualitative engagement with innovation leaders. From the rich material that these companies shared with us, ADL identified common challenges and insight into how innovation leaders are responding. ADL is developing a series of viewpoints, each focused on specific aspects of the study (Idea Management, Resource and Competence Management, Portfolio Management, and Stagegate Management). [...]

At Arthur D. Little, we offer customized Technology & Innovation Management services to help your organization succeed in an increasingly competitive world. The world expects companies to deliver ever more innovative and effective solutions for less. [...]

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Viewpoints16 August 2017

The digital (r)evolution of data models

From a product-centric data model towards a “connected” and true customer orientation

Across industries the digitalization changes the way how real world is represented in company data structures. Product or channel orientation is being replaced by customer centricity: [...]

Viewpoints18 January 2017

Digital future of electrical networks

How can electricity utilities tackle the digitalization challenges of their network business?

Digital transformation is one of the most important changes the utilities industry faces these days. This transformation is not limited to changing how companies interact with their clients, but also impacts the way they operate [...]

Viewpoints26 September 2016

Digital Inclusion in public services

Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion in public services

Despite investments and efforts, the performance in "connectivity" of different European regions is not homogenous. [...]

Viewpoints25 May 2016

Setting objectives and measuring digitalization in Financial Services

It’s time to re-examine the facts and adjust the course

Financial companies are investing in digitalization to improve operational costs and meet client expectations, but few can claim success. In this viewpoint we argue that a vast majority of companies seem to have started digitalizing [...]

Press Releases03 November 2015

Mobile Payments World - Success in the mobile payment space – November 2015

Despite significant developments, especially in developed markets, no clear model or winner has been established yet for mobile payment. Hence, all players are still in a position to participate, as the market will structure around [...]

Press Releases18 May 2015

Arthur D. Little and iKnow

On May 6th 2015, iKnow-Who and Arthur D. Little announced their new partnership during an Extreme Innovation event held at the Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden. The event, which hosted more than 35 practitioners in Extreme Innovation, [...]

Press Releases24 February 2015

Nine out of 10 firms dissatisfied with their breakthrough innovation performance, says Arthur D. Little Study

Just one in 10 firms is confident that its business has the right approach to breakthrough innovation, according to a new study from Arthur D. Little (ADL). In Breakthrough Innovation, ADL found that 88% of business leaders were [...]

Press Releases26 February 2013

Arthur D. Little: Good Innovation Management Increases Profitability by 13%

Innovation performance is now significantly worse than three years ago, yet top innovators still regularly achieve up to 13% points more EBIT than average performers. These are key findings from management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s [...]