On June 22th 2017

Arthur D. Little presented the results of its international report on flow of funds in the media industry. The

event took place in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel on George V Avenue in Paris, and gathered about 40 leaders from

the media and telecom sector in France.

The event began with a welcome and introduction by Didier Levy, Director in charge of the Telecommunication, Information,

Media & Electronics (TIME) practice in the Paris office. Then Clemens Schwaiger, Head of Arthur D. Little’s global Media

competence center, presented the main findings and conclusions of the report. This was followed by a Q&A session, during

which the participants engaged in a lively discussion about the trends and challenges of the media sector.


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On May 15th 2017

ADL hosted its 7th annual Telco CEO and Private Equity Event in Vienna with an impressive attendance of telecom CEO’s, investors and leading banks. The topic this year was on the impact of digitalization on the configuration of telecom operators.

The telecom industry is not in a stable state. In fact, due to the increasingly large strategic and technical-option space, we expect operators to become more diverse. Within the next five years, the structure of operators will likely have changed significantly.

Growth in Europe is marginal and mainly volume driven, resulting in limited cost-cutting opportunities and growing demand for network capacity that can span various infrastructure. In addition, the new B2B2x segment is gaining in importance. We expect it to reach USD 276bn – or 8% of global ICT spending – by 2020. As such, it should be one of the fastest-growth fields for telcos to focus on.

Eventually network resources will become elastic, transparent and accessible – moving far away from today’s often slow, cumbersome and inefficient architectures. We will see web-like collaboration between companies emerge, as well as cross-border competition and accelerated international expansion.

Operators will review how they manage their diverse portfolios of assets, which will result in establishing dedicated approaches that suit each asset class. Certain assets, such as fiber and small cells, will likely work in asset-sharing models. As many copper-network owners embark on fiber-upgrade journeys, they will need to figure out how to balance the need for fiber sharing with their legacy roadmaps.

This drives our conclusion: We expect to see an increase in the importance of non-tangible assets in the sense of capabilities. For example, the “degree of openness” of an operator to third parties, the “market-oriented approach to assets”, and the ability to “take design responsibility for the software that runs their factories” will gain importance when assessing operators. As a result, evaluating them and making strategic investment choices will be much more difficult.

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On March 31, 2017

Arthur D. Little held in London the first of a series of launch events of the latest edition of its annual Telecoms & Media flagship report with an unprecedented attendance of global senior industry executives and key investors, including more than ten leading UK operators, multiple web-majors and OTTs, infrastructure companies, banks, several private equity firms and representatives of the vendor community and UK government advisory bodies.

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On May 19th, 2015

Arthur D. Little hosted an exclusive event in the City of London to launch Arthur D. Little – Exane BNP Paribas’ 14th annual Telecom Operators Report, in the company of executives from across the telecoms and media industry, as well as major equity investors and representatives of key vendors and government organisations.

This year’s edition of the report focuses on the evolution of audio and video content delivery, and on the relationships between the major players in this ecosystem.  This was raised as the most important shift in the strategic landscape during the last year, cited by more than half of the study respondents, and supported by our quantitative analysis as a key determinant of prospects going forwards for many players.

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Exclusive Telco CEO & Private Equity Event

On May 19th, 2014

Arthur D. Little hosted an exclusive event in its Vienna office to launch Arthur D. Little – Exane BNP Paribas’ 13th annual Telecom Operators Report with an impressive attendance of CEOs and investors from across the telecom industry.

This year’s edition of the report focuses on the industry’s hottest topic, “Capex: the long march?”, and addresses some critical questions: What are the investment prospects in the telecom sector? Will mobile leaders manage to ward off the challengers? Is consolidation the only option open to the latter? In the fixed line arena, will incumbents catch-up with cable and if so, at what cost? Find enclosed our wrap up of the Exane Event.

For more Information download: http://www.adlittle.com/fileadmin/editorial_events/ADL_2014_TIME_Top-excutive-event_Telco_and_Private-Equity_Vienna.pdf 

Exclusive Telco CEO & Private Equity Event

On May 27, 2013

Arthur D. Little hosted an exclusive event in its Vienna office with an unprecedented attendance of 60 CEOs and Private Equity representatives from 21 markets, to launch Arthur D. Little – Exane BNP Paribas’ 12th annual Telecom Operators Report.     

This year's edition of the report focuses on the industry’s hottest topic “4G: going faster, but where?” and addresses significant questions: How far from growth are the European Telcos today? How can 4G differentiate telecom operators? How do the structural implications of a new generation of mobile (4G) look like? Is the money well invested? Find enclosed our wrap up of the Exane Event.

For more Information download: http://www.adlittle.com/downloads/tx_adlreports/TIME_2013_Telecom_Media_CEO_Event_Wien.pdf

"Mobile TV in the Arab Region" AICTO Summit

Jan 17-18th 2011, Role: Key note Speaker

Technology and standards, Spectrum planning and  requirements, handheld Terminals and Network coverage, Arab and International operators and Broadcasters Experience, Regulatory and Market Issues, Regulatory and Market Issues

For more information visit: http://www.aicto.org/index.php?id=462

Mobile Business 2011 - Net Neutrality

Jan 24th 2011, Role: Panelist 

Internet sensorship, Net Neutrality from the MNO perspective, Quality of Service and Differentiated Service Management, Net Neutrality aspects and implications

For more information visit: http://www.e-center.co.at/static/files/mobilebusiness11_einladung.pdf

European Telecoms Investment Forum - Strat.for dev.in CEE & SEE

27th-28th Jan 2011, Role: Chairman

Market Predictions – Key business drivers, Bankability of Telecoms: Investment & finance analysis, CEE Business Focus: Fibre Networks - CEE on the fast lane, Panel Discussion: The digital home, M & A in CSEE telecoms sector, The impact of regulation and the new EU framework on investment in NGN, Case Study: Russia how does the biggest CEE market feel?

For more information visit: http://www.easteurolink.co.uk/cee-telecoms/

Mobile World Congress 2011

14-17th Feb 2011, Role: Jury - M-payment Award

App Planet: m-Health, m-Ad, m-Payment, Cloud computing ... Mobile World Live keynotes featuring visionary speakers and streamed live around the globe ... more than 22 focused breakout sessions, providing essential insights on current and future trends impacting the ever-changing mobile industry

For more information visit: http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/conference/conference_overview.htm

The Broadband World Forum MEA 2011

14th–15th March 2011, Role: Chairman

Rural Coverage and Connectivity, Developing the Broadband Vision, Determining the broadband business models, government broadband strategies and universal service broadband strategies, Learn from operators who have already launched their successful broadband services and how they have solved implementation challenges: Broadband TV, IPTV, 3DTV, Hybrid TV ... Successfully Monetising Broadband ...Fibre and Fixed Access: FTTX, DSL, IP, xPON Evolution ...Wireless Broadband: Wimax, HSPA, LTE & Satellite

For more information visit: http://www.broadbandworldforum.com/mea/conf/agenda/at_a_glance

7th 3G, HSPA+ & LTE Optimisation 2011

15-16th March 2011, Role: Chairman

The Importance of Producing an Effective Optimisation Strategy for, Now and the Future, Addressing the Different Options for Increasing Network Capacity, and Manage Traffic Effectively, Addressing the Spectrum Shortage, Embedding Intelligence for Effective Network Monitoring, Using Intelligence to Provide Effective Service Optimisation and a, Sustainable Business Model, New Challenges in the Move towards HSPA+ and LTE

For more information visit: http://www.3gconference.com/

The 8th IMS 2.0 World Forum 2011

April 12-14th 2011, Role: Chairman

At this major event over 70 experts were speaking on topics ranging from strategies, rationale and business cases behind IMS deployment, operators' strategies for IMS implementation, to the future of IMS and Web 2.0, etc.  Defining New Business Models for the Communications Industry, Defining the IMS Roadmap, IMS Deployment Strategies, New Service Introduction – Interoperable RCS Commercial Service, IMS Terminals IMS Terminals – What are the Device Manufacturers Really Thinking?

For more information visit: http://10times.com/ims-world-expo/

Planet of the Apps - Arabia 2011

April 18-20th 2011, Role: Chairman

Aligning the digital ecosystem for improved profit, and customer experience, How can developers and operators make, money in a fractured ecosystem? The new mobile & apps ecosystem: is the mobile, operator still a part of it? Building a network of app stores that collaborate not compete, Partnership strategies for apps development,  Identifying and engaging with Arabic consumers Funding strategies to develop your idea into an app, Building cities for the future through app, development and adoption

For more information visit: http://www.terrapinn.com/2011/mobappsarabia/


April 19-20th 2011, Role: Key note speaker and Panelist

LTE deployment in KSA: Examining the Challenges, drivers and status, Mastering the LTE revolution: creating successful and profitable business models, Building and Launching LTE in Partnership: What are the considerations to be taken into account? Network Sharing: Evidence of a New Business Reality. Is network co-operation a viable option for rolling out LTE? The Mutually Supportive Roles of HSPA+ and, what are the challenges and the benefits? Learning from the successful LTE launch in the US: how does this relate to the MENA region?

For more information visit: http://www.lteconference.com/mena

3DTV World Forum

May 17-18th 2011, Role: Chairmain

3DTV, IPTV, Connected TV, Hybrid, 3D TV: the world’s leading event on converged TV and broadband is set to be bigger and better this year following the announcement of speakers from Google, Netflix, YouView, Liberty and Virgin Media.

Previously known as the IPTV World Forum, the event has been renamed this year to highlight and encompass the increasing number of cable companies adopting IP technology, focussing on hybrid, IP and Connected TV.  It will take place on 22nd-24th March at London’s Olympia and will feature a comprehensive programme of more than 200 visionary speakers, including over 140 service providers from telcos, cablecos, broadcasters and content providers.

For more information visit: http://www.3dtvworldforum.com/

LTE World Summit 2011

May 17-19th 2011, Role: Chairman and Breakfast round table

Top-Notched High Level Speaker Panel Across The Entire LTE & HSPA Ecosystem from Europe and Internationally Including Regulators, Bankers, Analysts, Content Providers, Handset & Device Manufacturers & Vendors, Comprehensive Market-Driven, Operator-Led Agenda covering issues from: Industry Think Tank: Visualising the Optimum Operator Roadmap for Next Generation Broadband Services, Applications & Services In Perspective Roundtable: How Can the Mobile Industry Better Support the Development of Innovative & Profitable Applications? Regulators Roundtable: Revolutionising Current Regulatory Regime To Stimulate Broadband Access Towards Economic Growth

For more information visit: http://ws.lteconference.com/

4G Wireless Asia Congress 2011

May 19th-20th, 2011, Role: Panel Chair and Speaker

The Wireless Mobile Communication Network of New Generation, Strategies from the Largest Operator-China Mobile in High Growth Markets, 4G Network Strategies for Future Customer Experience, Driving 4G Leadership, 4G Network deployment in Korea, LTE Offer Overview for 4G Show in China, Day-to-Day Realities and Challenges of Mobile Phone Use and Banking, The "New Game" in Deploying Future Wireless Solution - Partnering

For more information visit: http://www.4gwirelessasiacongress.com/EN/Agenda.asp

Cloud Computing Asia

31st May - 1 June 2011, Role: Chairman

Evaluating Business Value & Drivers Of Cloud Computing In Asia, • What are the main components of the cloud’s business case for enterprise adoption?, • Whose cloud is better: Web service providers (e.g. Amazon and Google), Software suppliers (e.g. IBM, Oracle and HP), or the operators?, • Where is cloud computing going? What are the next rounds of hype with respect to cloud?, • Security and compliance issues remain a primary concern for enterprise customers, • What is an operator’s role in cloud computing beyond the pipe?

For more information visit: http://www.cloudcomputingasiapac.com/

The Open Mobile Summit

June 8-9th, 2011, Role: Moderator

How you will profit in the open mobile Internet economy? explore the changing industry dynamics, the shifting balance of power, the emerging opportunities – and the business models to enable them. How to build and monetize the open mobile Internet economy.

Operators and the mobile Internet: The next 5 years ... From Social to mobile: The next frontier for social gaming ... Apple, Google and the shifting sands of value ... Opening the mobile wallet ...Where the Phone meets the TV: Mobilizing the digital living room

For more information visit: http://www.openmobilesummit.com/agenda.aspx

CEO Dinner

June 9th 2011, Role: Facilitator

More that 50 CEOs will gather to debate about the Future of the Internet Economy: economic models with OTT, net neutrality, Quality of Service and differentiation

The agenda of the CEO Leadership Event revolves around the sustainability of the Internet model and the development of viable business models on all layers of the Internet value chain

Super fast broadband – catch up if you can

June 14th, Role: Moderator & Host

C-Level international event covering: what will drive the take-off of super fast broadband? Competition rather than demand, Cable operators are in the driving seat, Role of Incumbents and their need to invest in FTTH, even though economics returns are uncertain, investment gap: EUR18-40bn of additional capex to be announced, Expect more partnerships and consolidation

5th Annual Digital TV in Central & Eastern Europe

21-22nd June 2010, Role: Panel chair

The region of Central & Eastern Europe is exploding, with broadcasters and platform operators investing vast sums into new businesses and networks. Advertising and sponsorship in the recession, Time for a pay TV shake-out? Satellite: the Driver for Digital Growth in CEE, What TV environment in CEE in the next few years? HDTV, 3DTV and content exclusivity. Is DTT good or bad for pay TV? Distribution strategies for international channels, The connected home and over the top services: new opportunities for service providers

For more information visit: http://conference.digitaltvcee.com/

LTE Asia

6-7th Sept 2011, Role: Chairman

The LTE commercial launch of “Xi” in Japan, Creating successful and profitable business models for LTE – Steps for mass market adoption, Evolving the wireless business model with LTE, Assessing the lack of harmonisation of spectrum bands in Asia, How can governments and operators accelerate broadband access in rural areas with LTE? What is the cost/GB for LTE? Examining variables that can significantly reduce the cost of the LTE network, Analysing the network sharing model as a way to reduce costs and bridge the digital divide, What is the impact of introducing LTE, into mature HSPA, GSM and EDGE networks? Managing and ensuring QoS over multiple networks for different types of Services

For more information visit: http://asia.lteconference.com/

Mobile Broadband World 2011

12-14th Sept 2011, Role: Chairman

Realizing Profitable New Devices and Services through LTE, Realizing the Objectives of the Digital Agenda with the Launch of LTE 800 MHz,  What are the Results of Europe’s First LTE 1800 Deployment,  The Road to Convergence of FDD and TDD LTE,  Market Analysis: Overview of the Current Global LTE Climate, What New Business Models do Smartphone & Tablet Users Generate and How Must Operators Respond?

For more information visit: http://www.iir-telecoms.com/event/mobilebroadband/Agenda

Interoperability of IPTV in the Arab Region

Sept 20th 2011, Role: Key note Speaker

Future of media in the Arab World, Content strategies, Business Models, Regulatory issues, Developing digital Arabic content and applications, e-accessibility aspects

For more information visit: http://www.mecomexpo.com/Global/mecom/aicto-workshopagenda.html

The 7th Annual SDP Global Summit

21-22nd Sept 2011, Role: Chairman

SDPs providing the competitive advantage, SDP Evolution - Finding new revenue streams and developing new platform strategies, China Mobile’s open telecom enabler for developers, App Store Strategies and App Store Business Case for Mobile Operators , Analyzing vertical market opportunities and how business models need to adapt accordingly, SDP as B2B Gateway - controlling different partnerships, business models and value chains, Mobile payments / M-Wallet and service delivery platforms, Service Brokers – Dealing with and handling the multiplicity and complexity of the network
For more information visit: http://europe.sdpsummit.com/

The Internet of Things - Defining the Smart Ecosystems

Sept 22nd, Role: Moderator & Host

C-Level international event: this year the conference will be focussed on the growing opportunity from vertical applications. From Smart Metering to Connected Cars, the "Internet of Things" is now becoming a mass-market phenomenon. Innovative players from all vertical segments and the operator world are developing innovative offers around "Smart objects". However, the ecosystem is still very complex and requires a sound understanding of challenges and success factors to successfully establish a relevant business. Consequently, most industry players are have key questions, which will be addressed at the event: What are successful business models / Go-to-market approaches? Which (technological) capabilities need to be established? What organizational challenges need to be addressed?

Broadband World Forum '11

27-29th Sept 2011, Role: Chairman

Deploying Next Generation Broadband, FTTH strategies, Meeting Future Demand & Universal Access Targets, Application Policy Management – exposing APIs, Service Platforms, The long term DSL roadmap: meeting market demand with VDSL2 Vectoring, bonding & fibre/DSL hybrids,  EU Digital Dividend targets, Delivering Quality Content & Meeting Bandwidth Requirements, The future of telco Data Centres & Cloud Architecture: Growing services without straining the network

For more information visit: http://www.broadbandworldforum.com/

Österreichische Medientage

27-29 Sept 2011, Role: Panel Chair and Key Note Speech

Courage ... courage to differentiate, Courage to deversify: Media houses & new business models, Mobile networks vs devices, Courage to network: Growth of communication - energy - transportation "smartly" together?

For more information visit: http://www.medien-tage.at/medientage/28-9-2011-saal-1/

Telecoms World Middle East 2011

3-6 Oct 2011, Role: Jury Member for the Telecom Award & Chairman

The new game plan for sustainable growth, Shaping your business model around scope not scale, The role of mobile operators in driving interoperability between multiple social infrastructures , The broadband technology debate, Improving performance and profit margins through infrastructure sharing, Customer acquisition and retention, Strategies for operational efficiency, Green telcos

For more information visit: http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/telecoms-world-middle-east/

International Media Summit WIMS 2011

13th Oct 2011, Role: Panel Chair

Changes in the legal environment on telecommunications and media market and their influence on the functioning of enterprises, Competitive advantage on CEE market- what kind of services should be offered in order to increase it? Role of the local productions in creating competitiveness and atractiveness, of thematic channels, Connected TV, advertising and de-linearisation of programs, Must carry and must offer- how does the obligation of free channels broadcasting influence the functioning of theentities that distribute programmes?

For more information visit: http://www.mmcpolska.pl/index.php?view=details&id=171:WIMS

4th Annual Rich Communication

25-26th Oct 2011, Role: Panel Chair

Bringing rich communication services to the masses and building on current Innovations. The Bottom Line: Business Case and Charging Models for Rich Communication Services, How Can Operators differentiate from OTT Alternatives? OTT Application and Service, Offerings: Is Creating Eco-System Partnerships a Natural Evolution? Investigating Customer Loyalty to the Handset Brand, Can Operator’s Rich Communication Offerings Stand, Up to the Likes Of Apple’s iMessage, Service and RIM’s Signature, Messaging Platform, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Is there an Opportunity for Increased Openness and Interoperability Between, Operators and OTT Service Providers?

For more information visit: http://www.rich-communication.com/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/349914/RichCommunication2011.pdf

Heads in the Cloud

Oct 24-27, Role: Panel Chair

The rapid spread of cloud computing has drawn significant attention and scrutiny in the media over recent months. It has also raised policy questions concerning how people, organizations, and governments handle information and interactions in the cloud environment. While moving to the cloud offers recognized benefits of cutting capital expenditure and enabling the more efficient use of computing resources, questions of information security, data privacy, interoperability, reliability and liability persist and need to be considered carefully and addressed rigorously. Lack of interoperability and portability between providers makes it difficult to migrate data from one service to another -: good for cloud service providers, but not necessarily good for end-users. What happens if the business goes bust, or decides to change?

For more information visit: http://world2011.itu.int/heads-cloud

m-Health & m-Payment 2011 Conference

Nov 1-3rd, Role: Chairman

Mapping out the mHealth evolutionary path and forecasting growth and new opportunities in the industry, Building a structured and successful mHealth ecosystem, Examining the different mHealth business models and choosing one that will effectively support your business, Optimizing your marketing and distribution strategies in order to increase service uptake and maximize profits, Ensuring that your mHealth service is fully compliant with regulatory requirements in order to minimise service deployment delays and ensure the success of your progamme, Addressing the need for patient privacy and security in order to ensure that your mHealth service is ethical and promotes customer loyalty, Ensuring a successful monetization of the mHealth opportunity for MNOs

For more information visit: http://www.mobile-money-transfer.com/global/conference-day-one

The Next Billion

Nov 2nd-3rd, Role: Chairman

Developing effective telecoms business models to connect the unconnected and improve revenues in saturated markets, Developing new telecoms revenue streams in emerging Asian markets – where next? Exploring innovative emerging Asia operator business propositions – Where is the next billion in revenues? Working with your OTT partners to build a cost efficient and reli, Turning competition into support – Working with operators to roll out a successful web business, Considering different funding options for telecoms in emerging Asia – strategies to attract funding for telecoms projects

For more information visit: http://www.clocate.com/conference/Connecting-the-Next-Billion-2010/9031/

LTE North America

8-9th Nov 2011, Role: Panel chair

Evolving the Wireless Business Model with LTE, Challenges Ahead LTE, Deployment and Future Mobile Broadband, The Future of Wireless in North America – Improving the Wireless Experience and Reaching into New Vertical Markets, Disrupting the US Market with the Wholesale Network Approach What Does this Mean for the Future of the Telecoms Industry in the USA? Enabling LTE Connectivity in Notebooks; When will we See the First LTE Embedded Devices? How Can Carriers Make LTE More Attractive to Consumer Electronics Companies and to App Developers?

For more information visit: http://americas.lteconference.com/

Financing Super fast Broadband

21st-22nd Nov 2011, Role: Chair

Rethinking business models and partnerships to drive future broadband networks,  BT’s UK Broadband deployment plans – financing future rollouts, Working in partnerships to deploy financially viable broadband rollouts, Understanding the financial dynamics of superfast broadband deployments, European Investment Bank – the EU’s long-term financing institution, Municipalities driving broadband rollouts, Clarifying the position and contribution of different market players to realise superfast broadband deployment

For more information visit: http://www.fsbconference.com/conference/agenda-at-a-glance/

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