Issue 2, 2014

Looking Under the Hood of the Internet

Gregory Pankert, Andrea Faggiano, Karim Taga

Over the last decade, the nature of the traffic for which the Internet and its ecosystem was initially developed has fundamentally changed. Next-generation content and applications are being designed all the time, but there are some hidden bottlenecks preventing these from achieving their full value creation potential. The Internet has effectively become a new media platform as its usage has shifted to richer types of content, particularly streaming video. As a media platform, the quality of delivery has become an important business issue that needs to be solved so that it can deliver its potential added value – for end users as well as for businesses. In this article the authors lay out different ways how this issue might be tackled. [...]

Issue 1, 2014

The next act in cloud computing

Salman Ali, Jesus Portal, Volker Pfirsching, Anders Johansson

The cloud and the Internet form the backbone of global commerce and have enabled countless new businesses and innovations. The network behind it, though, has grown in an unplanned way, and consequent weaknesses in the architecture of the web must be addressed. The telecoms industry has therefore decided to disrupt itself to secure the future. In this article the authors examine why the industry has chosen this path and how by re-imagining their networks as part of the cloud they could create significant new value, both for companies engaged in web commerce and for themselves. [...]

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