TIME-markets on the verge of radical change

For more than two decades, TIME-markets have been exposed to profound changes. The liberalization of the markets, GSM’s triumphant advance and the rise of the Internet which, in turn lead to the "Dot.com"-euphoria, have contributed jointly to the tremendous boom, which the TIME – markets have been experiencing since the 1990s. Still, in the traditional business models, the boundaries of growth have been reached.

The emergence of the Internet as the omnipresent communication infrastructure of today, the entry of new competitors with innovative business models, and new mobile technologies have created completely new dynamics and have shifted cost- and market structures. Innovation cycles are shortening, value chains evolving and the quest for future growth potentials and business models ranks as top priority on the agenda of any CXO.

However, this trend does not only affect the telecommunications- and IT-companies. Also media corporations face fundamental challenges caused by the digitalization and the massive drop in advertisement revenues.

Today, the TIME-industry is pressured to heavily invest in infrastructure and new platforms, as well as to untap new growth potentials in adjacent markets. At the same time, however, sound concepts for marketing and monetizing content or services, e.g. via the Internet or via mobile, are still missing. 

For all industry players, the market’s upheaval has diverse consequences: due to overcapacities the need for consolidation is increasing in many areas. The significant cost pressure, on the other side, will lead to far-reaching restructuring programs that will hardly be feasible within the framework of current business models. Network operators of all kinds will merge or form partnerships to bear the significant infrastructure investments. Moreover, we will see programs that rigorously simplify and virtualize networks and IT-architectures. Excellence in customer experience will become the most important factor for differentiation as the widespread usage of the opportunities inherent in the Internet will increase. Intensified personalization of offers and the exhaustion of all possible client data usage scenarios will become key to success. Bearing these developments in mind, one thing is certain: In order to face and overcome these challenges and thus ultimately also convince the investors, new and more radical strategies have to be set in place. At Arthur D. Little, we work with and for leading companies within the TIME industry on corporate and business strategies, business model innovation, technological strategies and on organization’s realignments. Everywhere in the world we are the partner of choice when it comes to successful and sustainable realignment of companies in a tough business environment. 

Our expertise

Highly trained consultants with profound industry knowledge

  • Our consultants have degrees from leading international universities and about 75 per cent of them have a long-standing professional experience in the TIME industry.

Global network / technological expertise

  • The global TIME-network can draw on more than 200 consultants in 28 offices worldwide.

TIME: a market on the move

Understanding new technology and market trends is crucial to success in the TIME industries. At Arthur D. Little, we can help you develop the strategies and resources you require to capitalise on these emerging trends.

A market on the move

A changing business climate, disruptive technologies, new regulations, shifting ambitions and organisational upheaval - all combine to present complex and subtle challenges. As a player in this sector, you need to be constantly alert to new opportunities and threats.

How we can help

We work with you to help you address continuous and multi-faceted change. Our services focus on strategic growth and innovation, and performance improvement. We specialise in:

  • identifying new technologies that could disrupt existing business models
  • assessing the opportunities and threats new technologies present to market players
  • evaluating business plans for investment banks and financial institutions during transactions
  • identifying new business models in the all-IP converging markets
  • supporting operators to improve CRM and achieve operational excellence in highly competitive markets.

Arthur D. Little is present at many TIME conferences and forums. Please click on this link to review the full list.

Arthur D. Little uses innovation in products, services, technologies, processes and business models to help you achieve growth in the Technology, Information, Media & Electronics (TIME) sector.

Who we work with

Clients of our global TIME practice include:

  • Incumbent and alternative, fixed and mobile operators
  • Internet service providers
  • Software and equipment vendors
  • Investment banks
  • Media companies

Key services

Our expertise covers the following areas:

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