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The customer meeting of the future

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The customer meeting of the future

The customer meeting of the future

Our new report has been co-authored by Arthur D. Little and Telia as part of a series highlighting various aspects of digitalization and the impact it has on companies and organizations. This report takes aim at the digital transformation of customer interaction and experience, what we refer to as "the customer meeting of the future"·

  • Identifying how the way companies meet their customers is transformed by digitalization and the  value potential of transforming the customer meeting
  • Describing what digital applications are being implemented by businesses today
  • Mapping the customer meeting transformation journey including the current status of businesses
  • Describing a number of focus areas for businesses to successfully transform the customer meeting

The report establishes an urgency for businesses to start thinking about how to transform their customer meeting. It is relevant for companies that wants to transform their way of meeting their customers and for enablers providing digitalization services.

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