The World is becoming flat...

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TIME December 2007

The World is becoming flat...

Overcoming infrastructure issues for mobile operators

Flat-fee offerings are emerging for voice, data and multimedia services in many countries around the world. As flat-fee offers become increasingly aggressive, it can be already observed that they cause severe quality problems for all customers consuming these services. In this article we highlight the main infrastructure issues for a mobile operator and how they could be overcome. [...]

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TIME November 2007

Broadband Market Development in Germany

A multi-indicator view

In the past Germany was repeatedly criticised because of what appeared to be its underdeveloped internet market when the number of broadband connections per household was compared with other industrialised countries. The report demonstrates that a broader spectrum of indicators shows that Germany holds a good position in the market for broadband internet access when compared to other European countries. [...]

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TIME May 2007

Telecom Operators

Caution - work ahead

More than ever, European telecom operators must juggle between shrinking revenues in their traditional businesses on the one hand and opportunities to capture growth in attractive new markets on the other, driven by the development of fixed and mobile broadband. [...]

TIME May 2007

HSPA and mobile WiMax for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access

HSPA and mobile WiMax for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access.

The advent of mobile broadband access is accompanied by significant uncertainties over the likely future successes of the new technology choices that are becoming available. In particular, the relative commercial and technical advantages and disadvantages of operating HSPA vs. mobile WiMax remain unresolved. [...]

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