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5G: Closer than you think

5G: Closer than you think

5G: Closer than you think

While a global standard is yet to be defined, South Korea has already announced a 5G trial network for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018. From 2G to 4G, cellular wireless technologies have been evolving towards offering more speed, and each standard has been tagged with a handful of major attributes.

5G will embrace a significant leap forward in terms of performance targets, as it needs to offer new possibilities to connect not only people, but also objects such as cars, wearables, home appliances and industrial machines. In order to meet these targets, 5G technology will embrace end-to-end connections – not just the radio access part.

Real breakthrough will come from the target to reach sub 1ms latency, enabling applications such as the autonomous vehicle, tactile Internet and real-time remote control. This will move the Internet from the broadcast dominance to real-time steering and control of industrial applications.

Our viewpoint explores the immediate implications for current mobile networks and operators as well as impacts on business models for the players in the value chain.

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