For more than two decades, TIME-markets have been exposed to profound changes. The liberalization of the markets, GSM’s triumphant advance and the rise of the Internet which, in turn lead to the ""-euphoria, have contributed jointly to the tremendous boom, which the TIME – markets have been experiencing since the 1990s. Still, in the traditional business models, the boundaries of growth have been reached. [...]

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Viewpoints21 September 2017

Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation

GigaApps in a GigaWorld

A GigaWorld is emerging amidst complex converging ecosystems. It is enabling a new wave of GigaApps, such as Augmented Discovery, Virtual Telepresence and Automated Living. Critical real-time two way transmission characterizes them. [...]

Viewpoints29 August 2017

Digital workplace

The foundation of the digital organization

Digitalization changes the fundamental conditions of all organizations. The boundaries between physical and virtual workplaces are becoming blurred. Employees, customers and partners collaborate in value-creating networks that are [...]

Viewpoints28 August 2017

Energy hand in hand with telco

Is a wave of merging electric utility and telco assets imminent?

Liberalization of telco and energy sectors incentivized traditional telco and energy companies to look for new revenue sources beyond their traditional business scope. Telco companies have started to sell energy, gas and heat while energy [...]

Viewpoints20 July 2017

Connected Education

Vodafone Power to you

Arthur D. Little is proud that our Telecoms & Sustainability teams have supported the Vodafone Foundation and over a dozen partners across the world through the development of the 'Connected Education' study, seeking to address the [...]

Press Releases24 July 2017

Digital Platforms and Services: Operating in the OTT Environment

Over-the-top (OTT) services are considered to be online mobile applications that are typically provided by third parties through app stores and often consume significant mobile network bandwidth. With billions of users, OTT services [...]

Press Releases04 July 2017

SAMENA trends

Digital disruption is evident across all industries driven by changing customer preferences, new digital competitors and access to new technologies. The telecom industry is no exception to this with shrinking revenues in traditional [...]

Press Releases03 May 2017

SAMENA trends

Telecom operators have a real opportunity to reduce operational costs by 30-40% whilst improving service quality and customer satisfaction.This is primarily achieved by reducing / eliminating operational complexities accumulated during the [...]

Press Releases25 February 2016

Arthur D. Little and SAMENA Council Equip Telecom Operators with New Insight into the MENA Opportunity Landscape

As the smartphone becomes the de facto standard for accessing the Web and over-the-top (OTT) services, it disrupts traditional telecom revenues. A new report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) and SAMENA [...]