Automotive, Travel & Transportation France, Paris - 31 August 2017

Shaping the Strategies

The Middle East has been late to urbanization, but this has given it potential to shape its strategies in the development of a core need - urban mobility. Some of its vibrantly growing urban centers, such as Dubai, are now building on best practice from around the world. This experience provides lessons, good and bad, for other cities across the world as they struggle to meet their own urban mobility challenges. In this article, Ralf Baron, Thomas Kuruvilla, Morsi Berguiga, Michael Zintel, Joseph Salem and Mario Kerbage at Arthur D. Little, discuss the Middle East and urban mobility. [...]

Travel & Transportation UK, London - 27 August 2017

Lowering the flag: Europe's airlines head for a shakeout

In this article about the European Airline Industry, Andrew Smith at Arthur D Little is quoted as saying: "In the past few years the European airline sector has seen record-breaking profitability but this is mostly down to the very low oil price. It is still a very fragmented market compared to its cousin across the pond. There's every reason to think there will be more consolidation." Smith pointed out that one factor in further deals could be Brexit. Although he thought the likelihood of flights between the UK and EU being grounded because of the pair failing to strike an aviation agreement before April 2019 was a "doomsday scenario", he says it could spur some deals - or alliances such as IAG, which owns British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus. "I think there will be more consolidation but you cannot assume it will be straightforward M&A," he says. "Part of the reason is because of anti-trust rules and alliances are quite a convenient way of solving the problem of market access without having to go over the hurdle of buying an entire airline." [...]

Travel & Transportation France, - 01 October 2016

It starts with a single app

This article discusses transport as a service and how combining old and new ways of getting around will transform transport-and cities, too. In 2007 half the world's population lived in cities; by 2050 it is expected that two-thirds will. One of Arthur D. Little's reports is referenced in the article saying urban journeys already account for nearly two-thirds of all kilometres travelled by people. On current trends urban distance travelled each year will have trebled by 2050, and the average time urban drivers spend languishing in traffic jams is set to double to 106 hours a year. The traditional policy responses to congestion-build more roads and expand public transport-are too expensive for these cash-strapped times. Hence the appeal to urban planners of the idea of travellers combining existing mass-transit schemes with a growing variety of private services. It offers a way to attract private capital into "public" transport. By enabling a closer link between supply and demand it will make mass transport more efficient. Congestion at peak hours will fall as travellers are diverted from crowded routes to less-packed ones; varying prices by time of day could help here, too. [...]

Travel & Transportation France, - 11 March 2016

Should Airline Alliances Redefine Their Models

In this article, Arthur D. Little's new report on Aviation Alliance Strategy is discussed. The report says that the alliance model has perhaps reached its high-water mark, paving the way for the continued emergence of a more multifaceted form of cooperative strategy in the future. Alliances were created in an era of "hypercompetition," the report says. Dozens of individual airlines competed individually before the advent of the Big Three in the late 1990s and creation of the transatlantic joint ventures that further cemented alliance structures. Those developments, along with mergers and more cooperative regulatory authorities, have dramatically changed the picture. In the future, the challenge is no longer hypercompetition but "hyperconsolidation." Intense consolidation will drive a far more dynamic form of alliance strategy. The focus will shift from the current airline-centric model to a broader concept of aviation alliance strategy that embraces multiple players across the value chain. [...]

Travel & Transportation China, Chengdu - 17 November 2014

Arthur D. Little’s new report identifies strategic directions to address China’s urban mobility challenges

China urbanization is leading to huge mobility challenges.  Looking ahead, Chinese cities will become more urban at a higher speed than most cities around the world, with 77% of its population living in cities by 2050. Such urbanization is producing huge mobility challenges around congestion, pollution and accessibility of transportation. In its new report launched at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum global summit, Arthur D. Little’s ‘Strategic Directions and Ecosystems to Address China’s Urban Mobility Challenges,’ highlights key challenges and strategic directions for Chinese cities to shape the future of urban mobility. [...]

TIME, Travel & Transportation Germany, Frankfurt - 07 August 2014

Arthur D. Little says mobile ticketing can increase ease-of-use if transport operators make right decisions

In today’s era of increasing mobility, multi-modal transport platforms are increasing in importance and passengers are expecting more convenient ticketing options. Airlines have already embraced mobile boarding passes and are now taking further steps towards NFC (Near-Field Communication) smartphone-enabled ticketing services. Railway and bus operators have also begun to introduce NFC-enabled, mobile ticketing services and are even moving towards Digital Multimodal Mobility Assistants (DMMAs). Recently, the London bus operator (the famous red buses) even went all the way to not accept cash anymore, only ticket payments via (NFC) cards. [...]

Travel & Transportation Belgium, Brussels - 24 January 2014

Arthur D. Little and the UITP identify 25 imperatives to enable cities to cope with future mobility challenges

Global consultancy Arthur D. Little, together with its partner the UITP – The International Association of Public Transport – identifies three strategic directions and 25 imperatives for cities to consider to better shape the future of urban mobility. [...]

Travel & Transportation Belgium, Brussels - 16 December 2013

Future of Urban Mobility ranking shows most cities are still badly equipped for tomorrow’s mobility challenges and identifies strategic recommendations

The new version of the ‘Future of Urban Mobility’ study includes an update of Arthur D. Little’s Urban Mobility Index, assessing the world’s cities in terms of mobility maturity and performance and together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) identifies strategic directions and recommendations  for cities to better shape their future. [...]

Travel & Transportation UK, - 10 June 2008

Journey 2.0 in sustainable transport

A new study by Arthur D. Little presents new revenue opportunities in transport

A new study by Arthur D. Little explores some emerging threats to revenues in the transport sector and investigates potentially significant business opportunities to overcome these. The white paper, “Journey 2.0”, represents the findings of Arthur D. Little’s initial stage of research into sustainable transport and looks at how and why transport providers’ revenue streams are under threat in the absence of realistic public transport alternatives and tougher operating conditions. [...]

Travel & Transportation USA, New York - 28 August 2007

World airport traffic grew by 5 per cent in 2006, with Europe and Asia accounting for 75 per cent of that growth – new report by Arthur D. Little and ATW Magazine

World airport passenger traffic rose by a healthy 4.9 percent in 2006 and 2007 is poised to be an even better year, according to the Arthur D. Little/Air Transport World® "World Airport Report," released today. In 2006, the strongest growth occurred in Eastern Europe and Russia-CIS, while 2007 traffic is expected to benefit from the continuing airline recovery in the U.S. and higher growth rates in the Middle East, Africa and South America. The report appears in the September issue of Penton Media's ATW magazine

The "World Airport Report" is based on Arthur D. Little's comprehensive analysis of world airport traffic, which is being presented in cooperation with ATW, the leading monthly magazine covering the global airline industry, for the first time. [...]

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