Travel & Transportation: the road ahead

The travel and transport industry is undergoing increasingly rapid and sweeping change, we are able to help our clients through a range of service offerings.

Corporate development

New sales systems, liberalisation, the emergence of new business models, the integration of supply chains and the formation of alliances are currently the key trends to which companies must respond - these changes mean that corporate strategies must be innovative and pragmatic. Arthur D. Little specialises in managing the complexity of change and innovation using its deep industry knowledge to guide and support the development of successful strategies.

Organisation and transformation

Successful players in the transport industry are responding to change by redesigning their logistics processes in order to shorten their time to market, determine which tasks are to be centralised and decentralised and ensure efficient personnel resources are allocated - Arthur D. Little has been a leader in this field for many years.


The high level of fixed costs and sharp fluctuations in demand in this industry makes players especially vulnerable to financial crises - restructuring projects develop measures to keep the longterm competitiveness of the company. In all cases, Arthur D. Little can help a client achieve its ultimate objective of a profitable and sustainable business model.

Corporate finance and M&A

Companies in the travel and transport sector have to attach the highest priority to increasing their enterprise value in order to attract investment, Optimal cost structure and a continuous assessment and adjustment of corporate portfolios through innovative and pragmatic decisions is a key area in which Arthur D. Little can lend its expertise and insight.

Supply chain management

Using thorough analysis, we work together with our clients to develop functioning and efficient processes across all levels of value generation in the transport chain. Arthur D. Little's objective for the client is to achieve faster and broader market access, efficient and cost-effective services and high quality delivery.

IT management

Arthur D Little can support you in auditing existing structures and in adapting your IT infrastructure to the new challenges of the transport industry.

Post-merger Integration

Expected synergies of mergers can only be exploited if the merged companies are successfully integrated and existing business models are adapted accordingly. The use of Arthur D. Little's post-merger integration tools ensures that the corporate structure is adapted quickly and that the potential synergies in distribution, marketing, production and financing are fully exploited.

Safety management

By reviewing their safety strategies, improving their safety management and through the implementation of cost effective safety measures, companies can maintain their position of competitive advantage in the industry. Arthur D. Little can help audit, improve and add value through successful safety management and training.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development strategies are an integral part of transport. Balancing costs, benefits, impacts and opportunities of different transport modes, looking at energy consumption, carbon intensity, pollution, access to services and amenities, and the economic impact of mobility are all areas of expertise at Arthur D. Little.

Implementation of new technology

Implementation of new technology is central to many of the improvements in transport planned over the next ten years. But these types of change often involve significant risks and requires a strong blend of both management and technical skills with the ability to manage complex issues - this is where Arthur D. Little can provide value to its clients.

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