Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability July 2005

A Director's Guide to Corporate Responsibility Reporting

A guidebook by Arthur D. Little

This guide was compiled by a team comprising Arthur D Little, Business in the Community, Camelot and HBOS. The guide is designed to help directors and senior managers consider how best to develop an effective reporting strategy for corporate responsibility. [...]

TIME June 2005

Beyond Voice: A Survey of Voice-Enhanced Services

Arthur D. Little and VMA, the International Association for Enhanced Voice Services, have conducted a pan-European survey on voice enhanced services offered by operators. The objectives of the survey were to assess the availability of features and services in the various European markets, measure adoption differences in the various countries, and assess the impact on both ARPU and subscribers' loyalty. [...]

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Strategy & Organization June 2005

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. As Vantrappen and Kilefors explore in this article, not all mergers and acquisitions make sense. They provide a summary of what academia has to say, the steps to success and what executives need to do to make the best from the complicated world of M&A. [...]

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Manufacturing May 2005

Innovation Excellence Study 2005

How companies use innovation to improve profitability and growth

How leading companies are using innovation matters, and firms realise it. As a number one priority, companies worldwide are targeting the huge untapped potential to improve profit growth through innovation management. This is concluded in a global study, which focuses on how companies worldwide improve profitability and growth through effective innovation management. [...]

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Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability December 2003

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

In 2003, Arthur D. Little collaborated with Business in the Community to produce a concise report on current thinking on the business case for corporate responsibility, arguing that specific corporate responsibility initiatives and programmes require specific business cases. This report provides some generic arguments to engage decision-makers in the value of corporate responsibility. [...]

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Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability June 2003

Speaking the Same Language

Improving Communications between Companies and Investors on Corporate Responsibility

Investors and companies are still not having a meaningful dialogue about the business value of corporate responsibility. But there is a strong desire to change this and to find agreement on the best way forward. This report was produced in 2003 in partnership with the UK Social Investment Forum and Business in the Community. [...]

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Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability January 2003

Profits from Poverty

The ethics of making money from the poor

Two-thirds of the world's population live on less than $1000 a year. Though individually cash-poor, as a group they constitute a significant target for business. Making profits from poverty may make financial sense, but is it ethically acceptable? This document summarises discussions from one of Arthur D. Little's "naked lunches" designed to strip sustainability issues to their bare essentials. [...]

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Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability August 2002

Corporate Responsibility in the Food Industry

Too hard to swallow?

Food is a global industry led by multinational corporations. Brand-labelled, processed foods dominate the market and the majority of profits are made from value-added, industrial-scale production and distribution. Arthur D. Little held a "naked lunch" to examine the role of the food company, and in particular where their corporate responsibilities should begin and end. [...]

The German Internet Industry 2016-2019

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TIME January 1970

The German Internet Industry 2016-2019

The Internet has profoundly changed our lives and become very important for the German economy. This study highlights the variety and importance of the Internet industry in Germany. In addition to the analyses made previously (in 2013), there is a considerably stronger focus on topics such as market dynamics, competition, profitability, maturity, and M&A activities in the individual segments in this study. This year’s study, “The German Internet Industry 2016 – 2019”, builds on the model introduced in the first publication (2009), in which the Internet industry was portrayed in four layers. The model has been adapted slightly to reflect the dynamism of the market. [...]

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