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TIME December 2006

Web 2.0

Web reloaded? Driving convergence in the "real world"

Arthur D. Little has led a number of Web 2.0 projects. One of the lessons learned out of these projects is that Web 2.0 is not only gaining speed in the US but also in Europe. Recent deals, such as the acquisition of MySpace by the News Corporation, the acquisition of by ProSiebenSat1, the partnership between Soonr and Swisscom or the success of, are just a few examples of the rising importance of new Web applications all over the world. In our white paper, we show the most important trends driving Web applications, detail our view of Web 2.0, analyse the underlying business models and show the implications of the "New Web" on the TIME industries. [...]

Coping with Pressure in European Air Traffic Control

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Travel & Transportation October 2006

Coping with Pressure in European Air Traffic Control

Understanding the developments in the provision of air navigation services in Europe

More planes carrying more people and more goods to more destinations are exerting ever-increasing pressure on Europe’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs). This report highlights the findings from a study of developments in the European air navigation services landscape to see where the industry stands today and how the ANSPs are reacting to the pressures. [...]

TIME September 2006

Broadband Vision 2011

In our third report on the Broadband industry, we have assessed three basic industry scenarios, namely operator dominance, shift of value towards internet companies and sponsored environments to provide a broad understanding of the Broadband Vision 2011. The report also highlights evolution of services like high-end video services, implied bandwidth requirements and provides a comparison between different broadband access technologies. [...]

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Strategy & Organization, Consumer Goods September 2006

Making New Product Launch Decisions in an Uncertain Environment

Making new product launch decisions in an uncertain environment

Making new product launch decisions, such as where and in which sequence, is becoming ever trickier, as the environment into which the product will be launched changes constantly. In this article, using a new medicine as a case example, the authors examine the problem and offer a pragmatic and effective solution. [...]

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

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Public Services September 2006

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

Arthur D. Little was commissioned by 35 universities to conduct a study of the impact of research in their institutions - primarily from the "post 92" group. The study showed that such institutions play a key part in sustaining what England's Higher Education Funding Council calls "a dynamic and internationally competitive research sector". [...]

How to Make Belgium a Hotspot for Innovation

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Technology & Innovation Management August 2006

How to Make Belgium a Hotspot for Innovation

Results of a Survey among Managers of Enterprises in Belgium

The Federation of Belgian Enterprises and Arthur D. Little jointly undertook a study to measure the satisfaction of managers of companies in Belgium with the boundary conditions that influence the innovation capacity of their company. [...]

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Energy & Utilities June 2006

Optimal Results

Optimal results

Effective portfolio management has become more important than ever for energy companies. It can reduce costs and improve earnings significantly and the current volatile price environment and requirements for risk management make it even more compelling. [...]

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Strategy & Organization June 2006

"Knowledge is the only Resource that Increases through Use"

Snapshots from a selection of Prism articles

As Arthur D. Little celebrates its 120th anniversary we reprint snapshots from a selection of Prism articles from the 1990s to see how the concepts and thoughts presented back then fare in today’s light. [...]

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Automotive May 2006

Challenges & Success Factors for Multinational Automotive Suppliers in China

Challenges and success factors for multinational automotive suppliers in China

China is the most important emerging market for the automotive industry - but also a market where many suppliers currently make no money. This Arthur D. Little study illustrates the current situation of foreign, "multinational", suppliers in the Chinese automotive market. It shows areas of improvement and levers to improve operations of foreign companies in the Chinese market. [...]

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Manufacturing May 2006

Profitable Growth through Service

Profitable Growth through Service

Innovative service strategies offer a large potential for increasing growth and profitability in the investment goods industries as in these mature markets competitive pressure is rising continuously and differentiation through physical products becomes more and more difficult. In this situation service strategies offer an opportunity for good revenue and profit growth. [...]

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