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Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation

GigaApps in a GigaWorld

Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation

Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation

A GigaWorld is emerging amidst complex converging ecosystems. It is enabling a new wave of GigaApps, such as Augmented Discovery, Virtual Telepresence and Automated Living. Critical real-time two way transmission characterizes them. Through them the GigaWorld has the potential to unlock a market of €250-660 billion per year by 2025 in Europe around, while at a global level, its value is predicted to be €1.3-3.5 trillion per year.

With it also comes the opportunity to power a virtuous cycle where innovation, investment and monetization work simultaneously to enable mass market adoption of innovative applications. The dynamics of this virtuous innovation cycle must be well understood to unlock all of its market potential.

We are at an inflection point with a huge value at stake: every euro invested in GIGANetworks is expected to generate €2 to €4 in market value, and around €4 to €8 in overall economic value.

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