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M-Payments in M-BRIC

How to best leverage the upcoming opportunity

M-Payments in M-BRIC

M-Payments in M-BRIC

Mobile financial services are experiencing a global surge, especially in emerging markets. Global total transaction volume is expected to reach approximately USD 280 billion by 2015. Clearly, there is an enormous potential for M-payments in M-BRIC countries, but how to best capture it? This article provides an overview of the best entry strategies and indicates how players in each country must consider specific local requirements in order to succeed in the m-payment market.

Transformational mobile financial services are a true convergence between the telco industry and the financial sector. Both industries have recently discovered new user potential in the practically unaddressed segment at the bottom of the pyramid – consisting of hundreds of millions of people in M-BRIC and representing the largest opportunity in their regions.

This viewpoint is based on qualitative interviews with numerous leading experts and CEOs from diverse industries, as well as a range of industry reports and case studies. For more details on the global m-payment market, please refer to our M-Payment Report Update 2009.

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