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Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis

An Opportunity for Mobile Network Operators

Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis

Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis

mHealth has been hailed as the next major development for mobile networks operators (MNOs), but could it be just wishful thinking from a sector desperately seeking additional revenues to offset margin erosion? While few commercial offers currently exist, mHealth is firmly on the agenda for many MNOs. In this viewpoint, Arthur D. Little assesses the key success factors that lay the foundations for operators to successfully navigate the mHealth minefield.

With the right approach, mHealth can outperform even the highest of expectations

Advances in mobile technology have the potential to transform the
way health care is delivered. mHealth, or mobile health, is the appli-
cation of mobile technologies in health care systems that enables the transformation from physician-centric to patient-centric health care delivery. mHealth enables critical decision support to be lever-aged at the point-of-care, ensuring the accuracy of clinical information and leading to higher quality patient outcomes while reducing medical errors, which are estimated to cost the U.S. $19.5 billion annually.

For example, with an additional mHealth subscription through his mobile operator, a patient with hypertension could be provided with a blood pressure monitor that is wirelessly connected to his mobile phone and sends real-time updates to his doctor over the mobile network.


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