Joining Arthur D. Little with professional experience

Experience counts at Arthur D. Little

As a young professional with several years of professional experience, you start as a consultant at Arthur D. Little.

As a consultant, you will be part of our Core Consulting Group, a pool of consultants that works on projects across many different industries and in different functions. This allows you to get to know a broad spectrum of consulting services without having to choose one practice in advance. However, in order to take your individual preferences and qualifications into consideration, you can choose up to two industrial or functional core areas, so-called affiliations.

In addition to on-the-job training, we offer training programs that suit your career level as a consultant as well as your personal preferences.

During your entire time at Arthur D. Little, a mentor will support you in your personal development.

Are you interested in starting at Arthur D. Little as a young professional? Then submit your application here.

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