Innovating through the energy transition

Economies across the world face upheaval as they transition from carbon to sustainable energy. It’s an era defining challenge but one with the potential to unlock a wave of progress as new technologies emerge.

For over a decade, we have supported sustainability leaders to develop sophisticated methods to measure and compare sustainable performances of products, technologies and services. We offer a comprehensive approach to sustainability consultancy – delivering real business benefits in the short and long term.


Arthur D. Little helps companies integrate sustainability into their business strategies. We do this in three particular ways: Reducing the eco-footprint and social impact, identifying and developing new products and services and customer segments and positioning and transforming the company towards sustainable value creation.

Sustainable Portfolio Management
We help you to define and build a comprehensive portfolio management set of tools that assesses the sustainability and technology performance of your products and services by application and region.
Global Carbon Advisory Service
We help manage the complexity and confusion surrounding carbon management debates driven by policy, consumers, supply chain, etc., for both companies and investors, by providing solutions that embrace this complexity and unlock value.
Understand sustainability opportunities and risks and develop strategy
We help with the key sustainability issues and risks facing your business through techniques such as issue scanning, foresighting, scenario development and risk identification.
Integrate sustainability into your business processes
We help you identify and set up innovative collaborations with partners and other stakeholders to enhance your innovation capacity.
Harness sustainability to drive innovation
We help you adapt and refine your business processes to incorporate sustainability issues.
Measure & report sustainability performance
We help you understand and act upon stakeholder expectations and perceptions, using well-proven stakeholder management tools.


Over the past 20 years we’ve become an innovative  sustainability consulting firm – helping over 150 organizations to embed sustainability into the way they do business. We’ve helped companies, NGOs and governments to transform their organizations and create new value arising from sustainable innovation. 

Our sustainability consultancy draws on the expertise of our Open Consulting network to look to the future, imagine new possibilities and identify which technologies offer the most promise. Working side-by-side with clients we help them adapt, innovate and transform to unlock growth and build a more positive, sustainable future.

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Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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