Defining a digital strategy
Healthcare & life sciences

Utilizing IT in care delivery

A leading university hospital in Europe, recognized for its use of IT within care delivery, needed help to clearly define their digital strategy and re-align the whole organization towards the same goals.

The hospital viewed digitalization as an important enabler of their vision and had several digitalization initiatives related to the usage of IT within care delivery ongoing at various levels within the organization. However, the hospital did not have a clearly defined strategy and as a result limited control over digitalization efforts, and it was not clear that investments made in IT were in line with the vision.

The hospital was, like many other organizations today, evidently in an exploratory stage of digitalization and asked Arthur D. Little to support it to prepare itself and create the capabilities required to develop and enter the next stage of its digitalization journey.

Benchmarking and assessment of best practice

Arthur D. Little performed a systematic analysis of the current situation. Benchmark analysis with similar organizations globally provided a comprehensive list of prerequisites and challenges for the continued digital development within five different areas. 

Based on the situation analysis, prioritized areas were identified and the digitalization strategy was developed step-by-step through workshops and interviews with employees from all departments of the hospital. During the entire project, Arthur D. Little worked in close collaboration with the client to ensure decisions with a high level of buy-in from the profession, and to facilitate handover and implementation of the strategy.

An implementable strategy immediately set in motion

The client received a strategy that was compiled into a very concise and to the point document, as it should be read and understood by everyone within the organization. The strategy included an organization for digital development with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and mission.

Ongoing and planned initiatives were inventoried, categorized and summarized in a roadmap, which revealed several exciting projects. In some areas up to 30 different projects were addressing similar topics – without an overarching coordination. A customized framework to support coordination and decision making was implemented in order to structure the project work.

The implementation plan was immediately set in motion by hospital management, and the first milestone was reached a couple of months later when the hospital organization was reinforced with a CIO.

Supporting a leading University hospital preparing for the next level of digitalization

“My expectations have been reached by far. ADL is a fantastic consultancy that listens and implements our thoughts. This is the first time I experience this during my long career.”– CIO