Delivery of tailored safety leadership development training program

Following a review of a national railway operator’s safety arrangements we delivered a tailored safety leadership training program for them


The client (a national railway operator) wanted to strengthen the safety leadership competence of the management team through a tailored programme to improve safety culture, through a branded campaign emphasizing how people should take personal responsibility for everyone’s safety. They also wanted to strengthen the safety leadership competence of the management team across the organisation to drive improvement in safety performance – leadership being the key enabler of safety culture. This strengthening needed enhanced competence of senior managers through to front-line managers and supervisors and required a suite of tailored strategic and functional safety training courses.


We had already completed a review of the client’s safety management arrangements in the previous year, so had full understanding of the context. The client needed a tailored program that would enable their leaders to continue to drive cultural change within the business and address the significant challenges in achieving their goal of an accident free environment. To make best use of our existing knowledge we engaged the client in workshops to establish the development program format, leading to us producing both a two-day and a one-day training course. The course was delivered using experienced tutors with a highly case-study driven approach.


We delivered the two-day course to over 100 delegates and the one-day course to over 200 delegates over a three month period. Feedback scores from both the one-day and two-day courses were excellent and additional deliveries have been requested.

Some real exemples of safety leadership demonstrating the six leadership styles