Fleet management approach design
Utilities & alternative energy

Helping a major German nuclear power plant operator to set up a fleet management approach for an international fleet of new-build plants


  • The client, one of the world’s largest utilities and nuclear operators, wanted to expand its nuclear generation capacity by building several nuclear power plants across an array of different countries. 
  • Since the client had not built any nuclear power plants over the preceding 20 years, in-house new-build capabilities needed to be re-invigorated. Further, the client needed a “blueprint” for its fleet/pipeline of nuclear new-builds.


  • We developed and assessed an array of alternative approaches to delivering a nuclear power plant and corresponding organization models, including task organization (processes), roles and responsibilities, governance and decision-making concepts, as well as technology- and OEM-supplier selection. 
  • We adopted a “guidebook” format to allow the client to train people and, at the same time, use the guidebook for project planning and interaction with nuclear governing bodies in host countries. 
  • Further, we developed a host of tools and templates for the new-build organization to use to accelerate project execution and enhance quality.


  • A robust fleet management approach for nuclear new-build projects was successfully developed by us and used by the international client’s organization (project and line organization). 
  • A comprehensive guidebook and project manual detailing all the necessary approaches, processes and organization requirements was constructed.