Global R&D efficiency and effectiveness
Technology & innovation management

Supporting one of the world’s largest food companies to develop a major improvement program in R&D governance, organization, efficiency and effectiveness


The client wished to achieve a step-change improvement in efficiency and capability of R&D and quality operations comprising some 2,500 staff in 120 locations, across several diverse global segments.

The scope for consideration included lab rationalization, R&D systems & processes, scientific & regulatory affairs and quality management.

Challenges to be tackled included global leverage of lab facilities, reducing duplications, improving critical mass, reducing complexity, and improving global/segment/regional governance and prioritization.


We worked closely with parallel global client teams based in the US and Europe to achieve the required outcomes over a period of 6 months, including program management coordination.

For each scope area we facilitated the team through a structured 4-step process, including external benchmarking in a range of areas to inform the analysis of options for change.

We conducted a comprehensive as-is data analysis for the existing global lab network 


We facilitated a series of workshops to rationally assess model options versus criteria, develop a final rationalization scheme and prepare fully costed, detailed business cases


Successfully developed measures to achieve a >$200m pa cost efficiency improvement with an IRR of >40%, as well as significant capability enhancement. The plans are being implemented


Innovation strategy

Helping a leading high-tech equipment manufacturer to shape a comprehensive innovation strategy and transformation roadmap to meet the needs of a rapidly changing technology and market environment

Rapid Innovation Delivery

Assisting a leading global packaging company in rapid delivery of a set of new technology and partner options for further investment.