Innovation strategy
Technology & innovation management

Helping a leading high-tech equipment manufacturer to shape a comprehensive innovation strategy and transformation roadmap to meet the needs of a rapidly changing technology and market environment


Faced with a digitizing, converging competitive ecosystem and internal performance gaps, the client needed to renew its innovation management as a means to remain an industry leader and secure continued profitable growth

  • The ecosystem and power balance was changing due to the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization
  • End of double digit growth from new equipment sales in key markets
  • Incremental and short-sighted focus


Arthur D. Little engaged with the client CEO and the executive board, working Side-by-Side™ with a small client team to identify challenges, root causes, viable solutions and focus areas

  • Established alignment and common understanding of the challenges related to how innovation is governed and managed today
  • Co-developed alternative scenarios of how to address the challenges
  • High-powered, focused workshops to evaluate and prioritize alternative scenarios and to articulate the innovation strategy


Full alignment and ownership of challenges to be addressed, their root causes, and viable, valuable solutions to go forward with:

  • Establish a “new services and solutions” business entity in order to capture new growth opportunities
  • Re-organize R&D and instate a CxO-level technology & innovation manager (CTO)
  • Establish an innovation transformation board 
  • Launch a transformation program to implement new ways of working and drive change in behavior and attitudes
  • Articulate an innovation strategy to address cross-business-unit innovation alignment and effort allocation