Launch of an urban mobility-related mobile & internet app for a bank
Financial services

Assessing the opportunity of launching an urban mobility-related application, and defining the services and technical tools as well as the business operating model


The bank’s innovation center had been studying the possibility of launching an application related to the urban-mobility concept.

This application focused around the concept of multimodal transportation, but it was necessary to understand in depth the value proposition of the ideas that had arisen. 

The client contacted Arthur D. Little with the aim of selecting the most attractive ideas and where the bank could add a differential value, based on studying a variety of potential locations within the bank’s footprint. 


As a first step, Arthur D. Little conducted a series of interviews with selected personnel from the innovation center and other departments, in order to achieve a vision of the opportunities, threats and resources within the bank. 

Conclusions from the interviews were presented to the client in a workshop, and 5 ideas were selected for an in-depth study of perceived value and ease of implementation. 


Following, Arthur D. Little performed a market analysis as well as a technical and operational viability study associated with each idea in more than 40 cities. Finally, an estimate on the size of the opportunities was carried out, and some cities were selected for launching a pilot program. 


Arthur D. Little wrote a final document making recommendations on the ideas with higher value-add for the bank. Furthermore, recommendations were made on the more appropriated cities for launching the pilots.

The client was highly satisfied with the work carried out by Arthur D. Little, as it improved its understanding of the concept as well as its possible implications.

44.5 Mil smartphone-enabled taxi users, 3.6bn yearly rides / 122 Mil smart cards (RFID or NFC-enabled) in use for public transport