Mobilization support

Arthur D Little provided safety support during our client’s mobilization period for a new railway operation


MTR Crossrail was due to take over running rail services between Liverpool Street and Shenfield in mid-2015. MTR Crossrail had appointed a new HSQE Manager, and prior to their arrival had been progressing some aspects of safety as part of mobilisation for Phase 0 operations. MTR Crossrail required support for mobilisation with respect to aspects of safety.  Therefore, they asked Arthur D. Little to work directly for the MTR UK COO and MTR Crossrail MD. The request for support had come late in the mobilisation process and timescales were tight.


The support we provided covered a wide range of activities and included: Acting as Interim Safety Manager before their own was recruited, carrying out safety validation of change (required under EU Law), designing and delivering programme management capability, providing senior leadership safety onboarding training, Writing standards, participating in Standards Acceptance Committee and reporting to Board on overall status of mobilisation. Working within a mobilization environment on multiple parallel workstreams with tight deadlines meant that it was critical for us to prioritize and be efficient in our use of time.

Many thanks and thanks for doing a really great job for us at a critical time. I’m not sure how we would have got to this point without your help.


MTR Crossrail received the necessary safety validation approval from the independent assessor, and strengthened their own preparation for operation considerably. The launch of operations for Stage 0 of Crossrail on the 31st of May was very successful and after two months into operation, safety levels were demonstrably improved over the previous operation, and operational performance was similarly improved. Customer satisfaction scores have also improved over the previous incumbent. This success resulted from good planning during the mobilization period, ensuring deadlines were adhered to and that responsibilities and accountabilities for tasks and processes were clear.