Omnichannel and customer management strategy for a commercial bank
Financial services

Refurbishing customer management capabilities in order to make the customer experience truly omnichannel


The bank, a leader in its region, was in a good position in terms of growth and profitability. However, the paradigm was changing rapidly, as it was perceived as a traditional bank for older clients of a wealthier segment, and millennials and digitally oriented clients were turning their backs on it.

The bank wanted to reposition itself in this context, and for this, it hired Arthur D. Little to redefine its customer management and channel strategies in order to become better more digitally oriented.


To start with, we supported the bank in understanding what was state of the art in terms of digital customer management, and defined its current status of operations, channels and IT architecture. 

We then proceeded to determine the changes needed to enable a truly omnichannel solution, from a technical point of view. We defined the needed changes in architecture, and the upgrade of the digital channels, in order to absorb a growing portion of client operations and improve the experience.

We also studied the operations within traditional channels in order to prepare the company to become more omnichannel and oriented to sales, and less to non-value-added operations.


We finally refurbished the customer management capabilities in order to make the customer experience truly omnichannel. That is, all operations conducted through the most appropriate channels, but allowing clients a high degree of liberty, and giving the client the capability to start an operation through one channel, and end it, without hassle, through a completely different channel.

20% expected contribution of new products over total contribution margin / 73% of all interactions through digital means, up from 40%