Organizational structuring of a Swiss nuclear new-build program
Utilities & alternative energy

Helping to build organizational readiness for the construction of two replacement plants


  • Three Swiss utilities decided to build two new nuclear power plants in Switzerland and established a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) to accomplish this objective. 
  • Since the owners of the new-build had not built nuclear power plants for more than 25 years, broad new-build experience was severely lacking. The established SPV was required as a “nuclear newcomer” to set-up an extensive transformation program, building up its organizational readiness for the construction program.


  • Over two years, we executed a strategic planning and transformation program to enable the client to master the new-build challenge ahead. 
  • By applying an integrated, “top-down, bottom-up approach”, we successfully defined relevant cornerstones and implemented appropriate means to develop the new-build program in accordance with all safety, schedule, cost and quality targets.


  • We enabled our client to become an “intelligent customer” and implement its new-build program to abide by all time, cost and quality objectives. 
  • The client was provided with operational instruments to better execute its daily work with higher work efficiency and target alignment thanks to our successful engagement.