Technology business-case development
Oil & gas

We had to develop an understanding of the technical and operational benefits and risks associated with the adoption of two E&P technologies and determine the economic viability and potential value creation associated with the adoption of these technologies in the client’s operating assets. We then needed to recommend contracting strategies and develop an implementation plan to ensure successful deployment.

Supporting a major national-oil company in assessing value from deployment of potential E&P technology solutions through development of business cases


  • We firstly analyzed results and potential replicability of technology pilot tests conducted by the client.
  • Then, we conducted interviews with technology vendors, industry experts and the client’s field staff to assess the likelihood of success, operational challenges and economic drivers associated with the new technologies. 
  • We defined scope and boundaries for each technology solution and confirmed areas of opportunity within the client’s organization, and then quantified investment requirements and developed a cash-flow model to determine economic impact. 
  • Finally, we recommended contracting strategies.


  • The client gained valuable knowledge and insight about the potential challenges, risks, and options for adoption of the new technology solutions. 
  • The analysis allowed the client to strengthen its negotiating position vis a vis the technology vendors. 
  • The implementation of the recommended execution strategies will help the client maximize value creation from the new technologies.