Value IT project for a major European railway company

Striving for increased value for money in IT for the business while enabling innovation


The client industry was undergoing a rapid digital shift; hence, value creation initiatives were aimed at preparing the client organization for digital transformation and raising cross-group IT synergies.

The client asked ADL to define group-wide IT initiatives, increasing the value creation of IT, while saving 5% of overall IT spend​.


The project was designed as a key element from the IT side to secure a sustainable future for the group (value IT masterplan & value IT plus), and to contribute to decreasing costs (value IT core). 

  • Value IT core increased the efficiency of IT with a key focus on group-wide collaboration and standardization
  • Value IT masterplan implemented a common IT strategy over all parts of the group and the 18 separate units with own IT
  • Value IT plus increased the effectiveness of IT on the business by implementing new ideas of working and new products driven by IT


We supported the whole program from design via concept phase to execution/implementation by taking over a moderator, content provider and project management role.


Arthur D. Little defined and aligned with all BUs a mid-term strategy with 21 initiatives, improving the group-wide value creation of IT and lowering overall IT spend by double-digit m€ annually​.


Additionally, a long-term strategy was defined with cost-saving potential of three-digit m€ annually, based on a radical shift in the IT operating model and adaption of business processes and governance​.

Double-digit million Euro annual cost savings / Definition of group-wide process IT masterplanning / Optimization of IT organization to increase impact